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Marcus Thompson on Warriors/Lakers, Draymond’s future & playoff coaching

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Marcus Thompson from The Athletic joins Vince Goodwill to talk their way through the 2023 NBA Playoffs, with some extra time spent on the present and future of the Golden State Warriors and their star players (Steph Curry, Draymond Green & Klay Thompson).

Marcus Thompson from The Athletic joins Vince Goodwill to talk their way through the 2023 NBA Playoffs, starting with Steph Curry and what fans should be expecting from him heading into Game 4 against the Lakers tonight.

Draymond Green isn’t just vital to the Warriors’ chances of winning, Marcus says that they can’t win without him. Which version of Draymond shows up tonight and what does his future hold if another team offers him more money in free agency than Golden State is willing to?

Devin Booker has arguably been the MVP of the 2023 NBA Playoffs (so far), and Vince sees a comparison between Booker and Steph Curry that he lays out before the conversation turns to former 2-time MVP Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets. Did Jokic know he was pushing the Suns owner? Why are we always talking about his legacy? And why are we expecting Jokic to, at some point, win a championship?

It’s obvious how important coaching has been through the first couple rounds of the NBA Playoffs, but it is most noticeable in the Heat/Knicks series where Erik Spoelstra is doing a wonderful job of leading a series with far less talent on his team. That leads the guys back to Steve Kerr, and how he has become a better coach since the first run of titles he had with the Warriors.

Finally, the guys end with a conversation about the very talented 76ers and potential redemption for James Harden as a playoff superstar. There’s a path for Philadelphia to win a title this year, but it will depend on Harden (and Doc) showing up and proving playoff doubters wrong.

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