The 2-Ingredient Snack Alex Guarnaschelli Thinks Tastes Like Home

We think so too.

<p>Amelia Manley/Dotdash Meredith</p> Photo: Getty Images

Amelia Manley/Dotdash Meredith

Photo: Getty Images

If I asked you to close your eyes and imagine the food that reminds you of home, you’d likely come up with a couple of good dishes that transport you to your home kitchen. For me, it’s my grandma’s tomato soup pasta and homemade M&M cookies made with lots of Crisco.

Isn’t that the beauty of food? It can evoke memories and take you home—even if you’re hundreds of miles away.

Alex Guarnaschelli recently told Allrecipes about her years of traveling as a chef in France and other parts of the world. Even though she was working at some of the best restaurants with world-renowned chefs, she still had a hankering for hometown foods.

What, in particular, did she reach for? Only one of the most relatable two-ingredient snacks you can find.

Alex Guarnaschelli's 2-Ingredient Snack

“I lived away from home for a number of years when I started cheffing and so I got kind of homesick, and I took to certain things, in particular. One of the things I love is a little toasted baguette with just a nice thin layer of Nutella,” Guarnaschelli told Allrecipes.

Toasted bread and chocolatey hazelnut spread—could you ask for anything easier and more delicious?

Guarnaschelli likely uses freshly baked bread—either homemade or from a bakery (especially when she was living in France)—and she says a nice sourdough or brown bread really brings out the Nutella flavor.

“I like the sort of almost like the sourdough note of bread, the crunch, the toast, and then that thin, even—has to be even—little layer of hazelnut spread right on top.”

Surely, though, you can’t go wrong with any bread toasted to perfection.

The “Ciao House” judge doesn’t just stop at Nutella on toast. She’s also a sucker for the hazelnut spread on strawberries and raspberries too.

“I love Nutella with raspberries or strawberries because I liked the seediness of those berries,” she said. “I think when you're getting that tart, super fruity note from raspberries or strawberries and you get that kind of rich hazelnut note from the Nutella—that’s a pretty compelling combo.”

Guarnaschelli’s love for Nutella has come full circle as she partnered with the brand for its "Stacks for Giving Back” campaign, which provides fire departments with grants and special kits to maximize their pancake breakfast fundraisers.

It looks like Guarnaschelli has upgraded from simple toast with Nutella to pancakes with Nutella—but, hey, either one sounds good to us.

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