19 Vile Photos That Perfectly Capture The Mess Of Living With A Man (I'm Begging You To Put Your Clothes IN The Hamper)

19 Vile Photos That Perfectly Capture The Mess Of Living With A Man (I'm Begging You To Put Your Clothes IN The Hamper)

Sharing a living space with the species known as "men" can sometimes feel like living in a frat house. On a good day, you might say something like, "Well, it's never boring!" On a bad day, you'd probably lean more toward, "Oh my GOD, STEVE. How HARD is it to REPLACE the TOILET PAPER ROLL??? I SWEAR TO GOD. DO IT ONE MORE TIME AND I'M TAKING THE KIDS TO MY SISTER'S."

An empty toilet paper roll hangs on a wall dispenser with a few scraps of paper left
Nycshooter / Getty Images

Get your rage ready, because here are 19 pictures that fully demonstrate the absolute mess that comes along when cohabitating with a man:

1.This man who poured himself a glass fruit juice with a splash of anarchy:

Carton of Dole 100% Juice with Orange Peach Mango flavor that has been opened incorrectly from the side
u/Southernsofia123 / Via

2.This guy who deserves to have his bread privileges revoked:

A loaf of bread partially out of its bag on a kitchen counter beside a toaster
u/JaguarAncient / Via

3.This man who decided that the perfect place for his coffee was directly *next to* a coaster:

A mug next to two coasters with text; one says "Jerry's Finest Speakeasy" and the other mentions "Benjamin's Finest Speakeasy."
u/mybellasoul / Via

4.The man who helped himself to a s̶l̶i̶c̶e̶ circle of pie:

A freshly baked pecan pie with a slice missing, served in a clear pie container
u/Ok-Cover-4137 / Via

5.Putting the leftovers away feels like a sweet gesture until you open the fridge later only to be greeted with the very same pot those leftovers were cooked in just staring back at you:

A pot with a lid inside a refrigerator with various food containers and bottles
u/Accomplished-Two-903 / Via

6.If you truly cannot find it in your heart to transport leftovers into Tupperware — please, for the love of GOD, at least use a lid:

Bowl of pasta in a fridge among various condiments and a can
u/PogoSavant / Via

7.The man who put this silverware in a...let's say...abstract fashion:

A kitchen drawer with disorganized cutlery and scissors
u/thekatshow / Via

8.The man who looked at this resealable bag and said, "Not on my watch, pal":

A hand holding a Great Value brand bag of sliced strawberries. Text highlights 'High in Vitamin C' and 'for Smoothies.'
u/FragrantWin9 / Via

9.This butter that deserved better:

Partial stick of butter with scoop taken out, on open wrapper near containers
u/eattadick / Via

10.This man who keeps opening new jars of jam before the last one is empty:

Various jars of strawberry and mango jams inside a refrigerator
u/badassmamabear / Via

11.The way this man is chopping this avocad—OHNO:

Person slicing an avocado on a cutting board
u/jgo215 / Via

12.If you relate to this photo of multiple open cabinets, you may be entitled to financial compensation:

A small kitchen with open drawers and cabinets, appliances on countertops, and items scattered about
u/No_Deer_7062 / Via

13.The shiver that runs down my spine at the sight of a soap scrape:

Hand holding a partially used bar of green soap with a bathroom background
u/1234hotelyorba / Via

14.I have nothing but questions on this one, but I fear the answers too much to ask any of them:

Toilet paper roll incorrectly placed with paper end against the wall
u/lolanam6 / Via

15.You know what, I actually don't have a problem with a little shower snack:

Shower caddy with various personal care products and a packet of candy
u/PogoSavant / Via

16.I do, however, have a problem with an eggshell collection living in the fridge:

An egg carton with two cracked and four whole eggs at the top; the rest of the slots are empty
u/justbrowsin2424 / Via

17.I will give props to this man for using a chip clip, even if it was only for one singular chip:

Clear plastic packaging with a red toggle closure and a price tag attached
u/ArticQimmiq / Via

18.The chaotic decision to skip the last k-cup in the front row and confidently begin the next row instead:

A display of assorted dips and salsas in a refrigerated case
u/Toyota_Nick / Via

19.And of course, above all else, this:

A cluttered room with clothes scattered on the floor and an open laundry hamper. Reflection of a person in the mirror
u/Everythingiskriss / Via