19-year-old shot during fight over PlayStation he was trying to sell, TX officials say

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A 19-year-old teen in Texas was shot Nov. 28 after trying to sell a PlayStation 5, news outlets and authorities said.

A 19-year-old was trying to sell the often sold-out console in northwest Harris County on Sunday, deputies told Fox9.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement to McClatchy News that a man arrived at the seller’s home, entered and told the seller he wanted to buy the console.

The man then walked out of the home with the PlayStation, and the seller followed him, the statement said.

The male told the seller to leave and pulled out a gun, the statement said.

The two then had a “brief physical altercation,” and the seller ran toward to his home. The man shot at him, hitting him once in his lower back.

The victim is in stable condition and investigators are trying to locate the man through his phone and “other evidence,” the sheriff’s office said.

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