18 Delicious Ways To Use Leftover Bacon Grease

Bacon frying in pan
Bacon frying in pan - Bonnie Marquette/Getty Images

Who can resist the smell and taste of bacon? If you love every aspect of this delectable meat, then you know there is more to the bacon experience than simply eating it. When you fry some up at home, you're left with bacon grease, which might seem like an annoyance, but we're here to tell you this leftover product is pure gold.

Often discarded without a second thought, bacon grease can provide support for other cooking endeavors, offering an immense potential to elevate dishes with its rich, smoky essence, and there are tons of ways to use it. From enhancing the flavor of everyday staples to crafting indulgent treats, these inventive uses promise to transform ordinary meals into extraordinary foodie experiences.

Whether you're looking to minimize waste or kick your cooking up a notch, join us as we unlock the full potential of leftover bacon grease. We promise -- your taste buds won't be disappointed!

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Frying eggs in pan
Frying eggs in pan - Gmvozd/Getty Images

One of the simplest and most satisfying ways to repurpose leftover bacon grease is by using it to cook eggs. After cooking your bacon to crispy perfection, don't let the flavorful residue go to waste. Drop your eggs right into the same pan and let them cook up whichever way you prefer. Scrambled or fried -- you'll be happy with every outcome.

If you're cooking bacon outside of breakfast time, you can save the grease and transfer it to a clean container for future use. Stick it in the fridge until you're ready to create some bacon-flavored magic. When it's time to make your eggs, simply heat up a portion of the saved bacon grease and crack your eggs directly into the pan. You can think of it just like butter or oil. The residual smokiness and richness from the bacon grease will infuse the eggs, creating an irresistible flavor reminiscent of a classic diner breakfast. If you love the taste of a diner egg, this is how to achieve that experience at home.

Pump Up Your Proteins

Burgers frying in pan
Burgers frying in pan - Rocky89/Getty Images

Transform ordinary proteins into extraordinary culinary creations by harnessing the rich, smoky flavor of leftover bacon grease in your cooking. Whether you're frying burgers or preparing chicken, steak, or pork, substituting bacon grease for traditional cooking fats adds depth and complexity to your dishes, elevating them to new heights of flavor and indulgence.

When cooking your favorite proteins, replace your typical oil or butter with bacon grease, which will infuse the meats with a savory richness that will enhance their natural flavor. Once the grease is hot and shimmering, add your protein to the pan, ensuring that it's evenly coated with the grease. As the protein cooks, the bacon grease helps to seal in moisture and create a flavorful crust on the exterior.

When it comes to crafting the perfect burger, every single detail matters -- including the cooking fat. Utilizing leftover bacon grease to fry your burgers in a pan is a game-changer that will elevate your burger game to new heights of deliciousness. For something like pulled pork, you can simply slather the meat in bacon grease and throw it in your crock pot for a quick and easy way to bring depth to your dish. Whether you're pan-searing, grilling, or baking your protein, the bacon grease adds a depth of flavor that sets your dish apart from the ordinary.

Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese in pan
Grilled cheese in pan - Sumnersgraphicsinc/Getty Images

Prepare to elevate your grilled cheese game to a whole new level by swapping out traditional cooking fats for the irresistible essence of leftover bacon grease. This culinary revelation will leave you wondering why you didn't think of it sooner, especially if you're a fan of adding bacon to your grilled cheese sandwiches.

Using bacon grease as the frying medium imparts a rich, smoky flavor and a golden, crispy exterior to the sandwiches. The savory notes from the bacon grease complement the gooey melted cheese perfectly, creating a multitude of flavors with every bite. Additionally, substituting bacon grease for traditional fats like butter, oil, or even mayo adds a unique twist to the cooking process. The residual flavor from the bacon grease infuses the bread with a depth of taste that transforms a simple grilled cheese into a gourmet experience. You can also get really creative and caramelize some onions in the grease first or even make a bacon jam to fill that sandwich with more decadence.

Whether you're a purist who sticks to classic cheddar or someone who enjoys experimenting with gourmet cheese blends, frying your grilled cheese in bacon grease adds an extra layer of indulgence to this beloved comfort food.

Roasted Vegetables

Assorted roasted vegetables
Assorted roasted vegetables - Rudisill/Getty Images

Unlock a new dimension of flavor in your roasted vegetables by harnessing the smoky richness of leftover bacon grease. Whether you're cooking up some hearty root vegetables like potatoes and carrots or delicate greens like Brussels sprouts and asparagus, bacon grease imparts a tantalizing smokiness that enhances their natural flavors.

To incorporate bacon grease into your roasted vegetable recipe, prep your vegetables as usual. Then, you can either warm up the bacon grease until it's in liquid form and drizzle the melted grease over the vegetables on the baking sheet, or you can also use the solidified version directly from the fridge and add it right to the baking sheet. As the oven warms and the liquid spreads across the sheet, open the oven and place spoonfuls of solidified grease among the vegetables or simply shake the pan to coat.

As the vegetables cook, the bacon grease works its magic, infusing them with a rich, savory essence that permeates every bite. Be sure to open the oven and move the vegetables around periodically to ensure they're evenly coated in the melting grease, resulting in caramelized edges and tender interiors.

Stovetop Popcorn

Popcorn in skillet
Popcorn in skillet - Olena Rudo/Shutterstock

Make movie night a whole lot tastier by swapping out the butter and oil for bacon grease to cook up some stovetop popcorn. This unconventional yet undeniably delicious method transforms a simple snack into a gourmet treat bursting with smoky flavor -- and there are no added steps!

Gather your favorite stovetop popcorn kernels and a sturdy pot with a tight-fitting lid. Place the pot over medium heat and add a generous spoonful of leftover bacon grease. Allow the grease to melt and heat up until it begins to shimmer, indicating it's ready for the kernels. Once the bacon grease is heated, add the popcorn kernels to the pot, ensuring they form a single layer on the bottom. Cover the pot and wait for the magic to happen.

Once your popcorn is popped, season with your favorite toppings, such as salt, cheese powder, or even a sprinkle of crispy bacon bits to enhance the flavor profile further. Say goodbye to bland microwave popcorn and hello to a gourmet popcorn experience that celebrates the bold flavors of bacon-infused goodness.


Biscuits on cutting board
Biscuits on cutting board - Rudisill/Getty Images

Turn ordinary biscuits into extraordinary delights by incorporating the smoky richness of leftover bacon grease into the dough. This ingenious twist on a classic recipe adds depth of flavor and a subtle hint of bacon essence that will have your taste buds singing, and it's a lot easier than you think.

For this innovation, you need solidified baking grease, which can be stored in the fridge in between uses. When mixing your ingredients, simply replace half of the butter in your favorite biscuit recipe with your stored grease. After cooking, serve the bacon-infused biscuits warm from the oven, slathered with butter or accompanied by your favorite savory spread. With each buttery, flaky bite, you'll experience the irresistible combination of classic biscuit goodness and the subtle smokiness of bacon. Whether enjoyed as a standalone snack, a side dish, or part of a hearty breakfast, bacon-infused biscuits are sure to become a new favorite in your culinary repertoire.

Country Gravy Base

Biscuits in gravy
Biscuits in gravy - Joshua Resnick/Shutterstock

Speaking of biscuits, what better way to complement one than with some country gravy? This indulgent twist pairs perfectly with your newly made biscuits, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, and your other favorite comfort foods. Really, the possibilities are endless.

For this option, use the bacon grease as your base in your pan and then sprinkle in an equal amount of flour to create a roux. The roux serves as the thickening agent for the gravy and helps to develop a rich, nutty flavor. With the addition of the bacon grease, the flavors will abound.

Serve the bacon grease country gravy piping hot, alongside your favorite comfort foods, and prepare to be transported to gravy heaven with every decadent spoonful. With its rich, smoky flavor and velvety texture, this gravy is sure to become a favorite in your household. This simple switch in routine will add instant depth and complexity to your favorite gravy recipe -- guaranteed.

Hash Browns And Home Fries

Hash browns on plate
Hash browns on plate - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Experience the morning magic of diner-style hash browns or home fries by cooking them up in the savory goodness of leftover bacon grease. If you're already sizzling bacon in the pan, why not put that flavorful grease to good use? After cooking your bacon to crispy perfection, leave the rendered grease in the pan and add your choice of potatoes to create hash browns or home fries.

As the breakfast potatoes sizzle in the bacon grease, they absorb its smoky essence, resulting in crispy, golden-brown perfection with every bite. You can also save some grease and use it at a later time to cook up your potatoes whichever way you prefer.

Whether you like shredded hash browns or chunky home fries, cooking them in leftover bacon grease ensures they'll be packed with flavor and crispy texture. Plus, it's a practical way to minimize waste in the kitchen while maximizing taste. Serve your bacon-infused hash browns or home fries alongside eggs, bacon, and toast for a hearty breakfast that rivals anything you'd find at a local diner.


Skillet of cornbread
Skillet of cornbread - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Utilizing leftover bacon grease to cook cornbread introduces a delightful smoky flavor and enhances the overall richness of this beloved Southern staple. As you prepare your cornbread batter, consider replacing traditional cooking fats like butter or oil with bacon grease for an extra layer of depth and complexity.

When you're preheating your oven, also grease your baking dish with a generous coating of bacon grease. As the dish warms, the bacon grease melts, ensuring that the cornbread won't stick and imparting a subtle smokiness to the edges. And then, when you combine the wet ingredients, add a dollop of bacon grease, too, in place of the butter.

Whether enjoyed as a side dish to a hearty chili or soup or as a standalone snack slathered with butter and honey, bacon-infused cornbread is sure to be a hit with family and friends alike. Say goodbye to bland cornbread and hello to a flavor-packed delight that celebrates the magic of bacon grease in every bite.

Fried Rice

Fried rice in wok
Fried rice in wok - Thepalmer/Getty Images

The next time you're craving fried rice, ditch the traditional cooking oil and reach for that jar of leftover bacon grease instead. Whether you're making a classic vegetable fried rice, a hearty chicken fried rice, or even a breakfast version with bacon and eggs, you won't be disappointed by the savory goodness that bacon grease brings to the table.

Heat a generous spoonful of bacon grease in a large skillet or wok over medium-high heat. Once the grease is hot and shimmering, add your cooked rice to the pan, along with your choice of vegetables, protein, and seasonings. Stir-fry the ingredients together, allowing the bacon grease to coat everything evenly and infuse the dish with its rich, smoky flavor. As the rice sizzles in the pan, you'll be treated to the irresistible aroma of bacon-infused goodness wafting through your kitchen. You'll be surprised at how this little alteration makes a big difference in the flavor profile!

Use It For A Soup Or Ramen Base

Bowl of potato soup
Bowl of potato soup - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

When crafting a soup base, whether for a hearty potato soup or a creamy chowder, bacon grease is the perfect ingredient to add to your roux. As you prepare the roux by combining flour and bacon grease over heat, the grease infuses the mixture with its savory flavor, creating a rich and flavorful foundation for your soup. Whether you're simmering vegetables, meats, or seafood in the broth, the bacon-infused base provides a robust backdrop that complements a wide range of ingredients.

Similarly, when making a ramen base, bacon grease can be used to enhance the flavor of the broth, adding an extra layer of complexity and richness. Whether you're crafting a traditional tonkatsu broth or experimenting with your own unique flavor combinations, bacon grease adds a depth of flavor that takes your ramen to the next level. Add a spoonful or more to your broth and stir it in; it's as easy as that!

With each mouthful, you'll experience the comforting warmth of a homemade soup or ramen that's been lovingly crafted with care and attention to detail. A delicious world of possibilities awaits with bacon-infused soups and ramen.

Pump Up Your Greens

Bowl of collard greens
Bowl of collard greens - Debbismirnoff/Getty Images

Veggies like spinach and collard greens aren't really a fan favorite with the masses, especially with kids. Cooking these healthy sides in some bacon grease can add a lot of flavor to make eating well way more enjoyable.

To cook greens in bacon grease, start by heating a skillet or frying pan over medium heat and adding a spoonful of leftover bacon grease. Once the grease is melted and hot, add your greens to the pan, tossing them gently to coat them in the bacon grease. As the greens cook, they'll begin to wilt and soften, absorbing the smoky flavor of the bacon grease as they simmer. The result is a dish that's bursting with flavor and aroma, with each bite offering a satisfying blend of savory goodness and wholesome greens.

So, the next time you're looking for a way to jazz up your greens, reach for the jar of leftover bacon grease and prepare to be amazed by the delicious results. Bacon-infused greens are sure to become a new favorite in your recipe book.

French Fries

French fries on slate slab
French fries on slate slab - Fcafotodigital/Getty Images

Just like cooking eggs, cooking fries in bacon grease can only add enjoyment to an already beloved side. Whether you're actually frying them or baking them in the oven, bacon grease is the perfect addition to add some extra flavor to the potatoes, and it will make them taste like burger shop fries, too!

There are a few ways to go about this innovative hack. You can fry the potatoes until they're golden brown and crispy, then remove them from the grease and drain them on paper towels to remove any excess oil. The result is a batch of French fries that are crispy, flavorful, and impossible to resist.

Alternatively, if you prefer a healthier option, you can bake the french fries in the oven using bacon grease as the cooking fat. Simply toss the cut potatoes with melted bacon grease and your favorite seasonings, then spread them out in a single layer on a baking sheet. Bake the fries in a preheated oven until they're golden brown and crispy, flipping them halfway through to ensure even cooking. The result is oven-baked fries that are just as crispy and flavorful as their fried counterparts, with the added bonus of being a bit healthier. With their irresistible flavor and crispy texture, these bacon-infused fries are a delicious indulgence that's worth every bite.

Mashed Potatoes

Bowl of mashed potatoes
Bowl of mashed potatoes - Elena Shashkina/Shutterstock

If you like loaded mashed potatoes, you can see where this one is going. By using leftover bacon grease as the cooking fat for your mashed potatoes, you'll infuse them with a savory richness that's sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more.

To incorporate bacon grease into your mashed potato recipe, start by boiling peeled and diced potatoes until they're fork-tender. Drain the potatoes and return them to the pot, then add a generous spoonful of leftover bacon grease to the pot while the potatoes are still hot. As you mash the potatoes, the bacon grease will melt and blend seamlessly with the creamy texture, infusing the dish with its smoky essence. Taste and adjust the seasoning as needed, adding salt, pepper, and any other desired flavorings to suit your preferences.

Once the mashed potatoes are smooth and creamy, you can customize them to your heart's content. Whether you prefer them loaded with crispy bacon bits to complement that subtle bacon flavor, shredded cheese, chives, sour cream, or any other toppings, the bacon-infused base provides the perfect canvas for your culinary creations.

Bacon Mayonnaise

Mayonaise and its ingredients
Mayonaise and its ingredients - Fcafotodigital/Getty Images

Mayonnaise consists of mainly oil and egg. It's basically a whole lot of fat, which is why it tastes so darn good. Replacing some or all of the oil with bacon grease in your homemade mayo promises a delightful experience, making sandwiches sing with sumptuous goodness in a way you never thought possible.

To make bacon mayonnaise, gather your other ingredients along with, of course, leftover bacon grease. As you're blending the eggs and other chosen ingredients together, slowly drizzle in the melted bacon grease, allowing it to emulsify with the other ingredients and create a creamy consistency. Continue blending until the bacon mayonnaise is thick and smooth, adjusting the seasoning as needed with salt and pepper.

Once the bacon mayonnaise is ready, transfer it to a jar or airtight container and refrigerate it until chilled and set. The result is a velvety spread that's bursting with the smoky flavor of bacon, perfect for slathering on sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and more.


Pancakes and bacon
Pancakes and bacon - New Africa/Shutterstock

It's time to up your pancake game with the magic of bacon grease. This twist on a classic adds depth to the beloved fluffy pancakes, creating a breakfast delight that's sure to please everyone at the table.

Incorporation is easy. Simply add bacon grease to your pancake batter by putting a spoonful or two of melted grease in with the wet ingredients. Whisk everything together until the batter is smooth and well combined, then let it rest for a few minutes to allow the flavors to meld. As the batter rests, heat a skillet or griddle over medium heat and add a little more bacon grease to the pan. Once the grease is hot and shimmering, pour the pancake batter onto the skillet, using a ladle or measuring cup to portion out the pancakes.

Once they're cooked up, the result is a stack of pancakes that are golden brown and infused with the irresistible flavor of bacon. Serve the bacon-infused pancakes hot off the griddle, topped with butter, maple syrup, and crispy bacon bits for an extra indulgent touch.


Bourbon with piece of bacon
Bourbon with piece of bacon - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Whether you like a strong drink after a long day or enjoy a fun libation on the weekends, there's nothing like the bold comfort of bourbon. While creative cocktails are often considered an art form reserved for fancy bars and high-end restaurants, that same magic can happen in your own home. Infusing bacon into your favorite bourbon is actually easier than you think, and there are myriad recipes out there to capture your ideal flavor profile.

Using the grease, you can transform the rich and sometimes smoky taste of bourbon to one that has more complexity. The bacon, featuring its own smoky profile, complements the liquor quite well, adding depth to an already deliciously smooth sipping experience.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to bacon-infused bourbon. Try making a classic Old Fashioned, a smoky Manhattan, a unique bacon-infused bourbon sour, or simply enjoy it straight. Cheers to indulgence and creativity in every glass!

Store-Bought Dinner Rolls

Pile of dinner rolls
Pile of dinner rolls - Richlegg/Getty Images

One last quick and easy trick to add to your culinary repertoire is dressing up some store-bought dinner rolls with bacon grease. No need to make anything from scratch, as the bacon grease will add dimension and flavor to the bread for an effortless side to any of your favorite dinners.

All you need to do is take some of your stored bacon grease, melt it down, and brush it on top of the rolls. You can bake the rolls for a few minutes or drop them in your air fryer and let the heat and the grease work their magic. The result is a nice golden crisp on the outside and added complexity in the flavor profile that will please everyone at your table, especially when you add some butter or even honey. It's the simplicity of this kitchen trick that makes the rolls taste so good!

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