16 Photos Of Random Artifacts From The 1900s That Belong In The Museum Of History

1.The chart of the cost of living in 1989:

Page from a book showing a list of common living expenses and food prices from 1989, such as new car, average income, and costs of milk and eggs
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2.This Gatorade carton from 1988:

Vintage Gatorade Lemon-Lime carton that looks like a juicepack, with the straw still inside
u/shesgreasy / Via

3.This 1950s bathroom with a built-in toilet phone:

A bathroom with an old-fashioned phone mounted on the wall above the toilet
u/jerog1 / Via

4.This original bottle of Red Bull found in Thailand in 1992:

Hand holding a bottle that looks like medicine with Thai text
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5.This built-in seat for a telephone nook in a house built in 1947:

A small built-in cabinet with a drop-down seat and small countertop for the phone
u/boho_chic / Via

6.This pill container from 1947:

Old prescription box with a label from Higley's Drug Store and capsules inside
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7.This 1950s tie that gave people fashion advice:

Close-up of a Wembley tie label suggesting to "wear with charcoal or brown suit."
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8.This double oven from the 1970s:

Vintage wall oven with a decorative towel hanging on the handle
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9.This list of instructions for new moms from the 1940s hospital maternity ward:

Summarized text: Instructions on hospital regulations for patient behavior including no smoking, maintaining silence, and personal healing
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closeup of the list
u/The_unfunny_hump / Via

10.This 1980s Cheetos bag:

Cheetos Crunchy snack bag that's clear and has the brand cheetah at the bottom
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11.This birth announcement card from 1950:

A vintage birth announcement card for a baby girl born on June 23, 1950, with an illustration of a doctor chasing a running child
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12.This 1988 Toys "R" Us featuring a Nintendo Action Set:

Vintage Toys "R" Us weekly advertisement featuring a variety of toys and their prices for a "Hot Toy Blowout" sale
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Advertisement for Nintendo Action Set priced at $99.99
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13.This 1948 Hotpoint refrigerator:

Old-style fridge in a dimly lit room, shown closed and open, revealing its interior with some food items
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14.This 1951 banned children's toy science kit that wanted kids to find uranium deposits:

Vintage Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab kit with various scientific instruments displayed inside a case
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15.This Burger King Kids Club cup from 1996:

Kids' meal cup with illustrated Burger King Kids Club characters engaging with food and gadgets
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16.And this surgery bill from a six-day hospital stay in 1956:

1956 hospital bill with charges for room, medicine, lab, and operating room totaling $123.50
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