16 Hilarious Fails From The Internet This Week That Made Me Thankful I Have Common Sense

16 Hilarious Fails From The Internet This Week That Made Me Thankful I Have Common Sense

Well folks, the weekend has concluded, the Super Bowl is over, and it's time for all of us to sit down, start the week, and get back to work. But wait — what's this? I'm getting word that Julia's Super Funny List of Fails is here to save the day and bring you joy, laughter, and entertainment, as I am sure it does at the beginning of every week. You're welcome. Without further ado, here are the funniest fails I saw on the internet this week:

1. Fart City:

Twitter: @whotfisjovana

2. This job listing. Employers, be for real:

Twitter: @Tine_Rass

3. AI suggesting that "worriedly" be changed to "worryly" (come on):

Twitter: @saturniines

4. Failing to be slick while lying at work:

Twitter: @callmedgoodz

5. This store display that says "surprise your valentine":

Twitter: @whotfisjovana

The photo for that got cut off, and I wanted you to be able to see it in its full glory.

A "Surprise your valentine" sign with hammers on a shelf
@whotfisjovana / Via Twitter: @whotfisjovana

6. Men in New York City:

Twitter: @deadbodyonline

7. This remote work fail:

Twitter: @Marshall__Scott

8. Whatever is going on here:

Twitter: @NoahKahan

9. When you assume "we have a leak" means a new, unreleased track from your favorite pop diva:

Twitter: @jimmyoutsold

10. This (adult) library card:

Twitter: @moongrudge

11. This abomination:

Twitter: @97Vercetti

12. Googling crimes you have actually committed:

Twitter: @bethbourdon

13. Losing a vote to Odysseus himself:

Twitter: @ettingermentum

14. Accidentally getting your groceries delivered to the wrong house, in the wrong state:

Twitter: @challxn

15. This choice from the Sphere. (He's called SpongeBob SQUAREpants for a reason):

Twitter: @aretteepls

16. And finally, this med school mess-up:

Twitter: @jtrebach

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