You Won't Believe The Madness Unleashed In These 15 "Sims" Scenes Until You See Them

We recently launched a Sims Scene Generator, the new AI-powered engine you can use to make your own unhinged scenario for a chance to win $100! And the responses have been FLOODING in.

Here are some of our favorite submissions so far — and scroll to the bottom of this post to try making your own! The contest ends TOMORROW so get your submissions in ASAP!

1."Lord Voldemort teaching a ballerina class."

Animated characters resembling humans and one resembling Slender Man in ballet outfits in a dance studio

Created by guyfierisburner.

2."Dumpster fire full moon ritual."

Group of animated characters in witch costumes around a large dumpster fire, with pumpkins and a black cat nearby

Created by annikablaine.

3."Taylor Swift leading an army of angry cats to victory."

Animated woman with black outfit running followed by multiple cats in a game

Created by oldladyintraining.

4."Power Ranger getting a mani-pedi."

Two Power Rangers characters, one in red and one in blue, are depicted in a playful interaction inside a room

Created by madisongriffin715.

5."Baby had to start pulling his weight around the house since the cost of living rise."

An animated baby in a suit at a messy desk with papers and an abacus, depicting a comical office scene

Created by dizzypuppy60.

6."Phil Collins making the fire soundtrack that they used for Tarzan."

A digital image of a character calmly playing piano surrounded by flames in a simulated environment

Created by jessica22rowell.

7."Shania Twain gathering a group of girls to go."

Group of Sims characters from The Sims video game gathering outside virtual houses

Created by saraho1.

8."Abby Lee Miller and Darth Vader on a date."

Darth Vader and a woman sitting at a table with drinks, in a pink room with portraits on the wall

Created by karaf4d81698fc.

9."Lana Del Rey hugging George Washington underneath a cherry blossom tree at night."

Two characters from The Sims game embrace under a cherry blossom tree

Created by casualmeat54.

10."Spaghetti Western."

Cowboys riding ostriches in a video game, with one lassoing, in a humorous internet find

Created by casualmeat54.

11."Steve Harvey dressed as a fairy."

Illustration of Steve Harvey as a fairy with butterfly wings, in a suit, against a plain backdrop

Created by thisismyidea.

12."The cast of Love Is Blind having a food fight with angry jelly."

Four Sims characters having a chaotic food fight at a dining table

Created by jennifert50.

13."Beetlejuice riding a sand worm and eating cotton candy."

Illustration of Beetlejuice character holding an oversized ice cream atop two cartoonish dinosaurs

Created by jennifert50.

14."Daniel Caesar eating Caesar Salad in Caesar's Palace."

Illustration of a digital avatar eating salad in a virtual setting with classical architecture and plants

Created by jasonadiw.

And finally...

15."Species reveal party."

Three Sims characters celebrate with an alien at a birthday party, featuring a cake on the table

Created by laurenhartman1.

Now it's your turn! Create your scene now and share your best creations in the comments of the contest post. The contest closes March 28th at 1 p.m. EST.

An animated character with green hair in a classroom setting, referencing a viral Oompa Loompa-themed character