15 Employers Whose Job Listings Are So Insulting, I’m Genuinely Fuming Right Now

1.This job listing that asked applicants to have over 20 years of experience but would only pay them $22 an hour tops:

Job listing for a "Manufacturing & Marketing Manager" requiring 20+ years of experience, based in the US with remote work option. Details include salary and job type
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2.This job listing that wanted applicants to have a PhD but also be willing to live on a 'ramen + instant coffee' salary:

Text on a white background listing qualities for a job candidate, including passion for change and various technical degrees
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3.This job listing looking for a maid for FIVE houses that paid UNDER minimum wage:

Job ad seeking a housekeeper for 27 hours a week across 5 households, offering a monthly wage of 1,100 EUR
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4.This job listing for a full-time nanny who would only be paid $70 a week:

Job posting for a full-time nanny with desired experience in childcare for two young girls, offering a negotiable salary and potential for a permanent role
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5.This job listing for an internship that would be paid AFTER four months of unpaid training:

"Willing and able to fully commit to this internship opportunity and the mandatory 16-week unpaid training that precedes it."
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6.This job listing looking for an experienced person but paid less than a dollar an hour:

"$0.10 to $0.50 /hr"
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7.This job listing that was looking for someone to basically manage the whole business but with a starting pay of $10 an hour:

Summarized text: Job ad for Sports Complex seeking individual for 30-50 hrs/week with various administrative duties, seasonal bonuses, key required skills
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Screenshot of a map with a highlighted area and a job advertisement including hourly rate details starting with $10
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8.This job listing that those hired would have to pay for their certificate training AND go through unpaid training for a month:

Application question highlighted asking about covering training costs and availability for a 4-6 week UNPAID training program
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9.This job listing for a babysitter with a lot of requirements and only a pay of $6.25:

"Starting pay would be $25 cash a day."
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10.This job listing for a full-time job that paid $13,000 a year:

Job posting for a "Hiring Assistant" position with salary info, skills required, and an "Apply" button visible
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11.This job listing looking for a senior level position but paying $10 an hour:

"We will pay $10 per hour"
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12.This job listing for an AI developer that offered no pay:

Job ad seeking AI developer to incorporate emotions into chatbot, stressing expertise in AI and neural networks, no pay offered
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13.This job listing that listed a ton of responsibilities for future hires but barely any money:

"$8.50 / hr"
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14.This job listing that was incredibly picky and stated that hired applicants would have to start working immediately:

Job posting for construction and repair work with various requirements and experience details, including pay information
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15.And lastly, this job listing for a photography gig that...didn't pay at all:

"In exchange for services, photographer will receive free promotion and marketing."
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