15 Infuriating Photos Of Husbands And Boyfriends Exhibiting Weaponized Incompetence

1.This husband who did the laundry by putting the whole bag of pods in the washing machine:

a bag of cleaning pods in the laundry
u/iwillsurvivor / Via

2.This husband who was asked specifically to get hamburger buns but brought back a BAGUETTE:

someone holding a baguette
u/ktazhsv / Via

3.This husband who unpacked a box of books and seriously "organized" it like this:

Books stacked on a bookshelf
u/the_real_meghatron / Via

4.This boyfriend who packed up the moving box with kitchen stuff in this manner:

Kitchen items thrown into a box
u/Late-Style4892 / Via

5.This husband who put the clean cutlery away by just dumping it in the drawer:

a disorganized cutlery drawer
u/SirCornyWeaver / Via

6.This boyfriend who switches the toilet paper, but not really:

a toilet paper roll on top of a holder
u/8Ariadnesthread8 / Via

7.This boyfriend who leaves the sink like this after doing dishes:

a dirty sink
u/lululock / Via

8.This boyfriend who went out of his way to hang up this wrap in the dumbest way possible:

a towel badly hung on a hook
u/anonymous / Via

9.This husband who stacked plates any which way:

disorganized plates in a cupboard
u/levitymargret / Via

10.This husband who loaded up the dish washer without using logic:

bowls badly loaded in a dishwasher
u/Expensive-Leopard660 / Via

11.This husband whose wife stopped cleaning his bedside table and so it became this:

a messy bedside table
u/bexindisbelief / Via

12.This husband who put his laundry beside the laundry basket instead of in it:

clothes on the floor next to a laundry basket
u/LillyTheOskar / Via

13.This boyfriend who "folds" socks like this:

socks tied together
u/sehwyl / Via

14.This boyfriend who cleans frying pans to this point and thinks it's good enough:

a dirty pan
u/ProfessorShameless / Via

15.And lastly, this husband who wrapped Christmas presents without an ounce of care or effort:

badly wrapped Christmas presents
u/NecessaryFlamingo620 / Via