The 1 Thing Everyone Agrees On After Watching Beyonce's Renaissance Tour Concert Film

It has become a habit for Beyoncé to stop the world and it looks like she’s done it again.

Along with 2023’s Renaissance album came a newfound appreciation of dance and house music, a love letter to the queer community, a gigantic world tour complete with space rover, flying horse and a few cameo appearances and – of course – a huge upswing in silver clothing purchased across the globe. 

It also, fans learnt later, came with a whole concert docu-film.

With Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé, fans can relive the most recent example of why B is the blueprint; the docu-concert-film follows the creative powerhouse from the earliest conception of the world tour and album to their execution and success.

And, you won’t be surprised to hear that critics are calling the film a “monument” to Beyoncé’s success, days before it opens in cinemas on 1 December.

Here’s what critics are saying about the film, which currently sits at 100% rating on review aggregator site, Rotten Tomatoes.

Los Angeles Times

It’s a celebration of talent, yes, but also of the commitment, the sacrifice, the sheer tenacity required to pull off the illusion of effortlessness…. ‘Renaissance’ keeps coming back to Beyoncé — to her voice, to her body, to her mind. As the movie’s star, she occupies every inch of the spotlight she’s labored for decades to fill. As its director, she knows she has something no other filmmaker’s got.”


“Just as much a behind-the-scenes documentary and rare interview with Beyoncé as it is a treat to the best seat in the house… The film captures all the spectacle and energy that makes Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour feel legendary.

“Renaissance means rebirth. Through her show, Beyoncé says she hopes fans will leave feeling renewed and liberated. That is likely how viewers will leave the film, too.”


“Throughout “Renaissance,” as ever, Beyoncé is in complete control of her narrative — that impression of flawlessness doesn’t happen by itself, and despite the film’s intimacy, we never truly get a glimpse behind the curtain. It’s satiating enough — there are tears, laughter and reflections — and delivers morsels of what it takes to be one of the biggest stars in music. It’s satisfying without being indulgent, but most of all, it’s a monument to Beyoncé’s status as one of pop’s most enduring figures, and everything it takes to get there.”

Hollywood Reporter

“Were Renaissance the movie simply a recording of the show, it’d be a treat in itself. By weaving in behind-the-scenes footage and interviews that reveal where Renaissance came from and how it got to be here, Beyoncé serves up a fully satisfying meal.”


“Unlike any films she’s done before, the singer’s latest production stands apart in its breathtaking visuals. The “Renaissance World Tour” was made for people to feel “liberated,” as Ms. Knowles-Carter put it — and it succeeded. But it was also made for the big screen.”

Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncéis in cinemas from 1 December.