The 1 Mediterranean herb that makes every meal taste better, according to a cookbook author

The 1 Mediterranean herb that makes every meal taste better, according to a cookbook author
  • A simple herb can take your home cooking to the next level of flavor according to the "Parsley Queen."

  • Chopped parsley leafs and stems can add depth to soups, salads, and other healthy meals.

  • The Mediterranean diet is all about using accessible, wholesome ingredients to make delicious food.

To most people, Suzy Karadsheh is known as the best-selling author of The Mediterranean Dish, a popular food blog and New York Times best selling cookbook.

But to her staff and friends, she's better known as the Parsley Queen, an affectionate hat tip to her habit of using the herb in just about everything.

"I don't ever use parsley just as a little garnish on top. I'm using the whole thing," Karadsheh told Business Insider.

She said the simple ingredient can add major flavor to a variety of recipes, helping even beginner cooks to make delicious, wholesome meals at home.

Fresh parsley can enhance Mediterranean diet meals such as healthy soups and salads

Karadsheh, who grew up in Egypt's Port Said, said she's passionate about sharing the simple, nourishing recipes she's eaten her whole life, particularly as the Mediterranean diet has become a popular buzzword for healthy eating.

She said Mediterranean cooking is all about building big flavors from simple, fresh ingredients.

Parsley is a perfect example — the humble herb was once relegated to a decorative sprig on the plate. However, finely chopping the stems and leaves can add a surprising amount of savor and complexity to the finished dish, according to Karadsheh.

It's a key ingredient in healthy minestrone, a classic Italian dish many people picture when they think of Mediterranean food. But the Mediterranean diet also includes more than 20 countries with diverse cuisines.

Learning to use simple building blocks of flavor, including fresh herbs like parsley, is essential to elevating wholesome home-cooked meals, according to Karadsheh.

"I'll end the pot of soup or whatever I'm making with a big handful of parsley, and maybe some citrus to brighten it up," she said. "That can take an average pot of soup into something so grand, and you've only added to it something very small."

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