1,600 in and 1,600 out as Canada Games passes halfway mark

The second week of the 2023 Canada Games is underway, with sports such as curling, archery and judo on the calendar.

Turnover day was Sunday.

About 1,600 athletes and coaches from Week 1 flew out and another 1,600 arrived.

Wayne Carew, chair of the Canada Games host society, told CBC News: Compass host Louise Martin that it all went smoothly, but there were challenges.

"All of the equipment needs to get to the venues on time for the first day, but in addition to that, you've got all your venues that are being turned around.

"So at the Delta, for example, it was table tennis last week, so this week it's going to be judo. So you needed to have everything turned around. The hockey ones and the curling ones are a little easier, but a lot of moving parts."

Quebec leads all provinces in medals. P.E.I. is still looking for its first medal of the Games.

Events continue through the week, with the closing ceremony at the Eastlink Centre on Sunday at 7:30 p.m.