This Is a 1/16th-Mile Drag Strip

street legal dragway 116th mile strip in perris, california
This Is a 1/16th-Mile Drag Strip Street Legal Dragway / Instagram

A new drag strip outside of Los Angeles is putting the focus on street-legal cars with a unique rule set meant to replace street racing. The drag strip also happens to be just 1/16th of a mile, or a quarter of a traditional 1/4th-mile distance.

According to the fittingly-named Street Legal Dragway's website, the new 330-foot track "aims to provide a safe and legal platform for regional street car enthusiasts to unleash their horsepower and compete." In other words, the track is designed to provide a dedicated, closed physical location for accessible drag racing in the hopes of reducing the popularity of illegal street racing in and around Los Angeles.

The strip is based in the Inland Empire city of Perris, which is more than 70 miles by car from downtown Los Angeles. While it has not opened yet, videos shared to the track's Instagram feed show that paving and surface preparation are well underway. When complete, the track will be based at the same fairgrounds as the town's celebrated dirt short track oval.

The drag strip has also shared a set of preliminary rules on its Instagram feed. Most notably, the track requires cars to be registered and insured, bans trailers, and mandates that cars have some sort of working muffler. That puts the focus firmly on street-legal cars, which could be at odds with the actual street racing events the track hopes to replace. After all, those racing on public streets are not exactly likely to worry about what the DMV thinks of their car's legality.

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