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As a player, outgoing scout-teamer Matt Pick's greatest contribution to East Carolina football may have been his unrivaled sense of humor. Still, the joke seemed somehow lost on New Hanover County, N.C., sheriff's deputies Sunday when the former walk-on decided to cap his Memorial Day weekend by hilariously running naked into the street, where he was met not with laughter, but with tasers.

Having drunkenly bounded into a crowded intersection in 2010, Pick also ran directly into an amateur video camera, which captured every face-down, completely naked, not safe for work moment for posterity:

Seriously, folks: The uncensored original has been stricken from the Web, but even on the local news version, don't click if you don't want to see uncensored, untanned flesh.

The 23-year-old Pick, a one-time walk-on at Georgia who eventually played in two games with three assisted tackles in his injury-shortened ECU career, was allegedly told to "stop streaking" by a New Hanover County deputy. When he didn't, out came the stun gun, and down went Pick ... onto the asphalt, in what appears to be a, uh, quite uncomfortable position. He was charged with indecent exposure and resisting and obstructing a public officer.

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