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I've watched this replay over and over again, and I'm not sure what Oregon's Dion Jordan did to upset Auburn's Eric Smith on this second-quarter kickoff in Monday night's BCS championship game, other than play for a team that isn't Auburn. But whatever it was, Smith (No. 32, in the upper left-hand corner of the replay) was a little too eager to give Jordan a piece of his mind – er, knee – after the play:

As indicated, the play drew a 15-yard personal-foul penalty against Smith, as well as quite a bit of blood from Jordan after his face was driven into the turf:

Fortunately for Smith, he has experience defending himself in these matters. In this case, he stayed in the game after a tongue-lashing from coach Gene Chizik. At the time, the Tigers led, 19-11, and the only thing uglier than Smith's work on Jordan's face was Oregon's suddenly impotent offense.

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Hat tip: Mocksession.com.
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