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Edgar Sosa's 25-foot shot Sunday night is the stuff of Louisville-Kentucky rivalry lore. It's one of those shots TV crews and regional stations will play in poorly mended highlight packages for years, especially in Louisville, where, by my experience, if there isn't basketball on television, there's usually a weatherman totally losing his mind about an impending two inches of snow. Those highlight packages come in handy.

Anyway, Sosa's shot will go down in miniaturized history, but it almost never was. As is well known by now, Louisville coach Rick Pitino asked Edgar Sosa to transfer before the game on Saturday. Edgar said no. Good thing, or Pitino would never feel confident revealing the sordid details behind his admonition. Bold emphasis mine:

"I basically told him that if I were you I'd transfer, and I wouldn't wait," Pitino said. "You could go somewhere and have a year to learn the system. The fans aren't happy with you, you're not happy with yourself, and you're not having fun. We'll look at some schools that don't play any defense. There aren't that many, but I know a few."

Hey-hey! That's how you lead, people! Sarcasm and derision! I can only speak from experience. When my bosses ask that "maybe I write a blog post that isn't a complete and utter waste of pixels, and pixels are free," I usually respond well. Rick Pitino: leader of men.

Of course, Sosa disagreed with Pitino and explained that, contrary to video evidence, he felt he was playing defense. The two agreed to work together to make each other better, or something. And then Sosa hit a ridiculous shot at the buzzer against a rival Louisville should have beaten by 10 points and everybody hugged and everyone was happy in the 'Ville. Except for the weather broadcasters. They're still freaking out.

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