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I'll admit I've become weirdly fascinated with the placidity of Ed O'Bannon. After the former UCLA star's big profile in the Washington Post, in which O'Bannon admitted the struggles of NBA failure and the apathy he felt playing in Europe -- and, redemptively, the eventual steps he took to be OK with the fact that he is now a car salesman, he's made a little mini-media comeback. He showed up on Lost Lettermen last week, penning blog posts about the draft and his experiences, and Chris even gave him major love -- or hate, depending on your perspective -- at the top of our NCAA Rags to NBA Riches list. Ed O'Bannon is back, baby.

Or not. Frankly, he doesn't seem to care, which makes this awkward little video interview with his brother so entertaining. To wit:

Nothing makes an interview more awkward than a Lil Wayne lyric. Of course, Charles is still playing basketball in Japan, so he didn't much appreciate Wayne's "leaving you missing like the O'Bannons" -- which, admittedly, is a great lyric -- but Ed's reaction is priceless. "I really don't care. Come buy a car from me." I kind of want to go buy a car from now. Don't you?

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