Philadelphia 76ers

 | 51-31
  • Field Goal %
    47.1 FG%
  • 3-point %
    35.9 3P%
  • Points Scored
    115 PPG
  • Total Rebounds
    47.8 RPG
SFTraded (Part of three-player trade) From
PGTraded (Part of three-player trade) To
PGTraded (Part of three-player trade) To
FCSigned for the Rest of the Season (Signed)
CWaived (Signed)
SGWaived (Signed)
GFTraded (for G Markelle Fultz) From
GTraded (for F Jonathan Simmons) To
GFTraded (For second round draft pick) From
SGTraded (For second-round draft pick) From
PFTraded (Part of six-player trade) From
CTraded (Part of six-player trade) From
FTraded (Part of six-player trade) From
PGTraded (Part of six-player trade) To
FCTraded (Part of six-player trade) To
FTraded (Part of six-player trade) To
GF10-Day Contract Expired; Player Not Re-Signed (Signed)
GFSigned to 2nd 10-Day Contract (Signed)
GFSigned to 10-Day Contract (Signed)
PGWaived (Signed)
GTraded (Part of five-player trade) To
FTraded (Part of five-player trade) To
FCTraded (Part of five-player trade) To
CTraded (Part of five-player trade) From
GFTraded (Part of five-player trade) From
CWaived (Signed)
SFWaived (Signed)
CWaived (Signed)
CSigned as Free Agent (Signed)
SFSigned as Free Agent (Training Camp Deal)
PGSigned as Draft Pick (Two-way contract)
PFSigned as Draft Pick (Signed)
FCTraded (part of a 3-team deal) From
SFTraded (Part of a 3-team deal) To
GFTraded (Part of a 3-team deal) To
SGRe-Signed (Signed)
FCRe-Signed (Signed)
FCTraded (For cash considerations) To
FTraded (For future second round draft pick) From
SFTraded (For second round draft pick) To
PFSigned as Free Agent (Signed)
GFDeclared Free Agency (Signed)
FCExercised Contract Option (Signed)
PGExercised Contract Option (Signed)
FCDeclared Free Agency (Signed)
FDeclared Free Agency (Signed)
SGDeclared Free Agency (Signed)
PFTraded (Signed) To
FTraded (For Shake Milton) To
PGTraded (For Kostas Antetokounmpo) From
GFTraded (For Zhaire Smith) To
SGTraded (For Mikal Bridges) From
SGTraded (For future second round draft picks) To