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Philadelphia 76ers center Samuel Dalembert(notes) (and the league's only Haitian-born player) has been busy lately. He's given $100,000 to Haiti relief, visited the country to pull rubble off of his countrymen, and been playing some pretty sweet basketball to boot.

He's supposedly been on the trading block for a while and the Los Angeles Kings have reportedly had some interest, despite the $24.9 million he has on his contract for this season and next, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Dalembert is shooting 68.9 percent from the floor in January, about 20 points higher than he had been earlier in the season.

Dalembert wanted to get traded last year but now the word is that he would like to stick around Philly. After all, it's a much shorter to Haiti from there than in L.A.

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Source: Sacramento Bee

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