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Amar'e StoudemireJust a few weeks ago, everybody seemed pretty set on the idea that Phoenix Suns forward Amar'e Stoudemire(notes) would opt out of his contract this summer and join the star-studded free-agent class of 2010. So the Suns began to try and trade the fella, figuring they should get some value back in the process of losing such a talent.

The team apparently got some good interest from the Cleveland Cavaliers and Philadelphia 76ers but then Stoudemire mucked things up when he said last week that he was leaning toward not opting out and playing a final year in Phoenix. Guess he doesn't want to lose that $17 million the team owes him if he stays.

Due to the financial instability of our world right now, there will only be so many big-money, long-term deals that can be handed out this summer. Some people think Stoudemire is deserving of a big contract and some people don't.

So the teams that thought they were just trading for Stoudemire for the short term are now backing off a little since they don't have that $17 million inked into the budget for next season. A deal could certainly still get done. There is just a new barrier to deal with. Perhaps Stoudemire would agree to opt out if he got traded.

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Source: Arizona Republic

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