Shortest players in NBA history to win a championship

These are the shortest players in NBA history to win a championship. Neither of the two shortest players in NBA history, Muggsy Bogues at 5' 3" or Earl Boykins(notes) at 5' 5", ever won a championship.

My favorite NBA team, the New Jersey Nets, has yet to win a championship. So no Nets players are listed here. However, current Nets coach, Avery Johnson, won a championship with the San Antonio Spurs in 1999, and he stands 5' 10" tall. He is not the shortest player in NBA history to win a championship, but he's not much taller than shortest player, and he's the shortest player to win a championship since 1999.

In the 2011 NBA Finals, J.J. Barea(notes) of the Dallas Mavericks is officially listed as being 6' 0" tall. If anyone actually believes Barea is that tall, I've got a couple of bridges to Manhattan I can sell you real cheap. Most NBA fans laugh at Barea's listed height.

J.J. Barea went to the same college that I did, Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. I don't know him, but would guess his actual height is closer to 5' 9". If the Dallas Mavericks win the 2011 NBA Championship, and Barea's actual height is around 5' 9", that would make him one of the shortest players in NBA history to win a championship.

Shortest Player to Win an NBA Championship

1. Herm Klotz - 5' 7"

At 5' 7" in height, Herm Klotz is the shortest player in NBA history to win an NBA Championship. Klotz was a member of the 1948 Baltimore Bullets championship team. The Bullets won the BAA, which was the predecessor of the NBA (the NBA recognizes all stats from the BAA).

Herm Klotz career was even shorter than he was. He only played 11 total games in 1947-48. In the 1948 playoffs he played in six games, and scored a total of six points.

After his brief pro career, Klotz formed and coached the Washington Generals, who played patsies for the Harlem Globetrotters for over 40 years. In 1995, Klotz disbanded the Generals and formed the New York Nationals, who still play the Globetrotters at exhibitions.

Klotz himself played point guard on the Generals until he was 62 years old. Not bad for the shortest player to ever win an NBA championship.

2. Angelo Musi - 5' 9"

At 5' 9" in height, Angelo Musi is the second shortest player to win a championship. Musi was a member of the 1947 BAA Champion Philadelphia Warriors. Unlike Herm Klotz who barely played, Angelo Musi was a major player on the Warriors. Musi was the second leading scorer on the team in both the regular season (9.4 points per game), and in the playoffs (11.7).

Musi's career lasted three years from 1947 to 1949. He retired with a career scoring average of 8.4 points per game.

Shortest Player to Win the Most NBA Championships

1. K.C. Jones - 6' 1"

K.C. Jones is 6' 1" and won eight NBA Championships with the Boston Celtics. The championships were all in a row from 1959 to 1966. Jones also coached the Celtics to two more championships in 1984 and 1986.

2. Bob Cousy - 6' 1"

Bob Cousy won six NBA Championships with the Boston Celtics in 1957, and 1959 through 1963.

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Updated Thursday, Jun 9, 2011