Fan Reaction: Rockets Buy Out Derek Fisher’s Contract?

Ostracized Los Angeles Lakers point guard Derek Fisher did not report to the Houston Rockets after a March 15 trade that sent him to Houston for Jordon Hill. Now ESPN is reporting that Fisher has been bought out of his contract by the Houston Rockets.

Derek Fisher's practice time with the Lakers will be non-existent as he works towards an agreement in the NBA lockout.
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Before the trade there was talk of Fisher playing for several more years but Fisher is definitely at the end of the road as a viable No. 1 point guard in the NBA. Fisher is a defensive liability and it is one of the reasons that the Lakers made the trade.

Houston acquired Fisher to cover for point guard Kyle Lowery who is suffering from a bacterial infection and will be out for two to four weeks minimum according to the Houston Chronicle. Fisher cost the Rockets valuable time as they attempted to replace Lowery with Fisher as a stop-gap fix.

Will Derek Fisher retire if no one shows any interest or will he sign with any team willing to take him? Fisher will have a few teams kicking the tires but will a team looking for a point guard want to invest in a veteran who has lost a step? There are several layers to the Fisher buyout and many NBA teams will not reveal the underlying reason they are not going to sign Fisher.

Fisher was a key NBA Players Union representative during the NBA lockout. Fisher, an older player with a few years left to play had the most to lose during the lockout and he suffered criticism from both sides of the lockout.

With the bad blood from the NBA lockout still fresh in the minds of the NBA owners, it will be interesting to see if an owner will fire on Fisher. Will Fisher play in a reduced role off the bench for an NBA playoff contender? Will a Western Conference rival pick up Fisher for information?

The scenario where Fisher gets picked up for information is not as common in basketball as it is in the NFL but it does happen. Another hurdle Fisher will have to jump is that owners don't want to set a precedent with players not reporting to a team after a trade.

Lakers fans are hoping for only one conclusion to this story. Lakers fans are hoping that Derek Fisher retires and rides off into the sunset instead of taking the league minimum playing for a Lakers rival. Thanks for the memories Derek.

*Todd Jacobs is a native Southern Californian who has followed the Los Angeles Lakers since the '70s.


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Updated Sunday, Mar 18, 2012