Five Reasons Why the Knicks Need Phil Jackson as Head Coach: Fan View

Mike Woodson has taken over the head coaching duties from Mike D'Antoni. He just led the Knicks to their first win in seven tries. But in reality, Woodson is still auditioning for the job. The coach who would be the best fit for the New York Knicks is none other than Phil Jackson. And we all know that Jackson requires no audition. Here are some reasons why the Knicks need Phil Jackson as head coach.

Phil Jackson may finally become the head coach of the New York Knicks.

He Is a Winner

Jackson is a proven winner. There is no questioning his ability to win. He won two NBA titles as a player and eleven NBA titles as a coach. With a resume like this, Jackson commands immediate respect from those around him.

He Can Handle Stars

D'Antoni found out just how hard it is to coach NBA stars (and their egos). But this is an area where Jackson excels. Jackson has coached some of the biggest stars the NBA has ever seen, including Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal. He would surely be able to keep Carmelo Anthony in check.

His Offense Is a Better Fit

Jackson used his triangle offense to win multiple championships. It was this offense that focused on isolation players like Jordan and Bryant. Anthony would fit well in this role. He is strong in the post and as an isolation player. The triangle offense would put Anthony in the best position to succeed.

He Is a Former Knick

Jackson started his NBA career with the Knicks. He played most of his career in New York and won two titles there. This would be a nice homecoming for Jackson. New York would embrace him.

No More Excuses

The players would have no more excuses. Failing to win with Jackson would be an indictment on the players, not the coach. If they can't win with Jackson, which coach can they win with?

These are some reasons why the Knicks need Jackson to be their head coach. He seems to be the perfect fit for the team and the city. And the Knicks are closer than ever to getting him.

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Updated Thursday, Mar 15, 2012