Five of the Biggest Athlete Endorsement Deals

Pro Basketball Talk reported that Derrick Rose, point guard for the Chicago Bulls, just signed a 14-year $260 million deal with Adidas. In the deal, Derrick is guaranteed 13 years, which is worth around $184 million, and that is nothing to sneeze at.

Throughout the years, there have been a lot of athletes that have benefited significantly from endorsement deals, which often show up as television advertisements.

Here are the five biggest athlete endorsements, which can give him time on television and puts more money in his pocket.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, one of the best golf players to have ever lived, is one of the most notable athletes with huge endorsement deals. Tiger lost some major endorsements after his 2009 affair scandal, but he has still managed to bank a lot of money from major television advertisements. One of the most notable endorsements was from Nike, which guaranteed Tiger $100 million for a five-year deal back in 2000. The scandal did not stop Tiger, since he is all over the television promoting Nike and many other products.

David Beckham

Celebrity soccer star David Beckham has also gained major endorsement deals over the years, which helped him become one of the most notable athletes ever. David struck a deal with Adidas in 2003, which earned him a cool $160.8 million and a lifetime contract. Adidas and David are one of the most well-known duos in endorsement history, and it helped David attract all kinds of new fans.

Lebron James

Miami Heat star Lebron James signed a huge endorsement deal with Nike in 2003, proving that King James is not just a nickname. Lebron inked a seven-year deal with Nike, which paid him $90 million, but that is not the biggest part of the story.

Lebron had not even played in his first professional basketball game when the deal was signed, which was huge risk for Nike to take at the time. The endorsement deal also gave Lebron his own shoe and apparel line, and he even has a say in the designs that Nike uses in his shoe and apparel line. This deal might not be the largest in monetary value, but it pushed Lebron to the top of the endorsement list, and the value of his own apparel line is priceless.

Phil Mickelson

Professional golfer Phil Mickelson has struck huge endorsement deals over the years, and it is more than what he makes at golf tournaments. In 2010, Phil banked $57 million through various endorsements, such as Callaway, Rolex, and ExxonMobil, among many others. Phil was second on the Sports Illustrated Fortunate 50 list in 2011, right behind fellow golfer Tiger Woods. One reason why Phil has been so lucky in the endorsement department is his clean personal and professional life, since he is an upstanding citizen and never seems to be on the wrong size of the tabloids.

Jimmie Johnson

Professional race car driver Jimmie Johnson has also been one of the biggest athletes when it comes to endorsement deals. Lowe's Hardware, Quaker State and Lube, and Chevrolet have all been major money-making endorsements for Jimmie through the years. Jimmie has made an estimated $12 million from endorsements in 2011, which is only expected to rise, as Jimmie becomes a household name. Jimmie has the personality, determination, and respect needed to pull off major endorsement deals, and his professional life has thrived off of these endorsements.

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Updated Monday, Feb 27, 2012