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Kobe’s Twitter account pulled after release

For a few hours on Wednesday night, Kobe Bryant(notes) had finally entered the Twittersphere with @KobeBryant. Within three hours, his account had rapidly inspired over 36,000 followers.

And then, suddenly, @KobeBryant vanished.

Kobe Bryant's Twitter account drew 36,000 followers in three hours.
(NBAE/Getty Images)

The account was suspended.

Well, it was Bryant’s account, but a source told Yahoo! Sports the release was premature and a decision was made to pull back the account. Nevertheless, it will return in the near future and Bryant will start back on his way toward the 2,465,000-plus followers of @KingJames.

There had been one introductory tweet on Wednesday evening – “Can you hear me now?!?! – and Bryant was following 15 twitter accounts. Those included NBA players Chris Paul(notes), Dwyane Wade(notes) and Carmelo Anthony(notes).

Nike and Bryant’s official Facebook page both welcomed him to Twitter earlier in the evening.

“Right now I don’t identify with it,” Bryant said of Twitter in a November 2010 interview with Yahoo! Sports, “but I understand where it’s going, why it’s going there. Guys have voices now, want to build brands.”

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Updated Thursday, Sep 8, 2011