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You wouldn’t want to go to Chris Bosh’s bachelor party, either

LeBron James(notes), Dwyane Wade(notes) and all other members of the Miami Heat skipped out on Chris Bosh's(notes) bachelor party, and considering the entertainment provided, we can't blame them.

Nothing against Chris Bosh. He's a heck of a basketball player, he overcame quite a bit to work his way into a sound first season with the Miami Heat, and the man's a bit of a clotheshorse. He's also getting married soon -- congrats! -- and you know what that means, guys. Bachelor party! All skeevy shots and skeevier showings of skin and party buses and hopefully a few fistfights tossed in before everyone goes to incoherently order fried food early the next morning.

Chris likes to go big, though. Which is why his four-day long bachelor party included a trip to see … Criss Angel. Oh, Chris.

This is why Jarrett Jack(notes) and Pops Mensah-Bonsu(notes) were the two NBA players that tagged along, and not LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Apparently Criss Angel is even too tacky for the two brains behind the tackiest NBA event we can remember, and they chose to let Chris, Jarrett and Pops hang with the former Mr. Cooper.

Yes, the trip included a Mark Curry standup comedy performance. The New York Post has the rest of the details:

NBA star Chris Bosh's Las Vegas bachelor party, dubbed "The Hangover 3," was a four-day bro-down on the Strip involving guns, booze, red meat and magic over the weekend. "It was everything these guys don't get to do during the season," said a source close to the 12-man party posse, including New Orleans Hornets Jarrett Jack and Pops Mensah-Bonsu. They landed in Sin City Thursday and headed straight to a shooting range to blow off steam before moving to N9NE Steak house. Friday included dinner at Lavo before Criss Angel's show, "Believe." Angel pulled Bosh onstage to make him part of the act, and later levitated before the Miami Heat player's crew backstage.

Actually, these guys get to do this just about whenever they want during the season, just not for four days in a row. Secondly, don't call anything, ever again, a "bro-down," New York Post. Lastly, how much do you NOT want to be part of that traveling crew? Did they all have matching "Hangover 3" T-shirts?

I also like how the Post passes off Angel's "levitation" as fact, as if he really did it, and it wasn't some sort of illusion, Michael.

No word on whether or not LeBron and D-Wade were later spotted in London, sipping a Pimm's Cup and watching the men's quarterfinals at Wimbledon.

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