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Summer is the time to work that NBA players work on their game. Yeah, they do that year-round, but the offseason is the time when they get a chance to add new facets to their repertoire, hone tricks they've been hoping to debut and generally just become better basketball players.

When you're LeBron James(notes) — two-time defending MVP, doncha know? — there isn't a lot left to work on. Sure, adding a post game would be nice, but other than that he's pretty great. He can do almost anything, including shooting half-court threes like they're six-foot jumpers. As far as basketball skills go, he's got more than enough.

But just like the rest of us, LeBron still needs quite a bit of practice at amusement-park basketball.

I mean, he needs A LOT of practice at amusement-park basketball. He even lost to some random kid in a 3-point shootout.

Both of these videos are from LeBron's recent trip to Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio, where — apparently — LeBron played any basketball-related game he could find. Unfortunately for LeBron, he didn't win anything and left without a prize. That one witty heckler was right, it is "just like the playoffs."

Oh well. Maybe next summer LeBron and a random carnival worker will join forces with a bearded lady living in Florida, and they'll dominate state-fair shootouts all around the country. They'll win a huge stuffed bear for sure.

(h/t You Been Blinded)

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Ball Don't Lie

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