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A little more than a week ago, vitaminwater debuted its first "Kobe Bryant is the Kloser" advertisement to much Internet applause. Kobe was making fun of his all-white photoshoot, so it was bound to be a hit. Good thinkin', vitaminwater, but have you heard of capital letters?

However, now that Kobe and the Lakers finished out the Celtics, vitaminwater has remixed the ad, making it a little more up-to-date and just a touch more vintage Batman-y. Have a looky-lookertons.

Aside from the lack of white photoshoot jokes, I'd say this is effective advertising. I've seen every episode of "Mad Men," so I'm basically an expert. But if I could make one suggestion for the inevitable third edition, it'd be to have Lamar Odom(notes) and Khloe Kardashian show up and call Lamar "the Khloeser."

Oh, and if you're scoring at home — Kyra Sedgwick is "The Closer," Lamar Odom is "the Khloeser," Kobe Bryant(notes) is "the Kloser" and Mark McNairy is "the Clotheser." Got it? Good. Quiz next week.

Original ad after the jump.

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Ball Don't Lie

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