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When I asked Danny Granger if he could ever remember starting off a season so well, his answer was simple, "No."

The Pacers' rising star is averaging 24 points and almost six rebounds a game. It doesn't seem to matter too much to him right now, though. "I know I've put up a lot of points," he told me after Saturday's loss in Orlando. "But, we're 6-10 as a team."

The Louisiana native might be frustrated with the way his team is playing, but he couldn't be doing much more to help. He is in the middle of a break out season that should elevate him into NBA stardom. As you'll see, he's also one of the most interesting players in the League.

Ball Don't Lie: You're big into superheroes. I read that you actually want to build a hidden cave in your house like Batman.

Danny Grager: Yeah ... (Laughs) I'm building a house in New Mexico and actually the builder called me and told me he found a nice little feature, a lift for my car, kind of like Batman had. It's in the works, it's a process. [The Superhero stuff] is just a big thing I've been a part of. I love Superman, love Batman. It's just the way I've been always.

BDL: You're a movie buff too, you have over 2,000 movies.

Granger: More now.

BDL: More than 2,000?

Granger: I've got more than that.

BDL: And Armageddon is really your second favorite movie of all time?

Granger: Yeah, I love Armageddon. And Gladiator, I love Gladiator. Armageddon, [is] a great movie. I don't know if anybody saw it, it came out in ['98]. [I] loved that movie, just an all around great movie.

BDL: Speaking of great stuff, you've said your uncle makes some unbelievable banana pudding, are you going to try and sell it in Indiana some time?

Granger: You know what, I probably could. I really, probably could. It's that good.

BDL: What sets it apart?

Granger: You mean what's in it?

BDL: Yeah, what makes it any different than any other banana pudding?

Granger: I can't tell you that. (Smiles) The ingredients that he puts in it are amazing. I remember one time I got sick 'cause I ate so much, I ate a whole pan. I couldn't even walk, 'cause I had a sugar stomach-ache ... we might start selling it.

BDL: You come from a musically-talented family. [His younger brother Scotty appeared on a reality show on ABC called: The One: Making a Music Star, and he is great-nephew of Mahalia Jackson, the "Queen of Soul."] Can you sing?

Granger: Of course. Singing is like what I do in my past-time. Some people don't like to hear [singing], some people like to hear it. It just depends on who you're listening to. (Smiles) You've just got to catch me on a good day. On a bad day I really can't sing, but on a good day, I can sing. Just catch me on a good day.

BDL: Good enough for a record deal?

Granger: Noooo ... (Laughs) If I'm on my own label, yeah. If I start my own label, then yeah I'll sign myself.

BDL: Have you played with anybody who could sing?

Granger: Played with anybody who can sing? Nah.

BDL: Nobody?

Granger: I did have a teammate in college, his name was Alfred Neale. He was big into Gospel, could play the piano, could sing really well. He played in the D-League for a couple of years, but yeah, that's the only person I've played with that could sing.

BDL: Speaking of music, I heard that you're really into Rock Band. What's the name of your band?

Granger: Uh, (Laughs) I've got a few, I can't tell you two of them.

BDL: All right, what are the PG rated ones?

Granger: The PG rated ones are ... New Orleans Assassins, something like that just because I'm from New Orleans, and the other two I can't say.

BDL: I read that your nickname is Danny G. Nobody could come up with something more creative than that?

Granger: You know what, I was a junior [Danny's dad is Danny Granger, Sr.]. When I was young, one of the ladies [from our neighborhood] called me Danny G, [like] my daddy. It caught on everywhere. When I'm home, everybody calls me Danny G.

BDL: So there's nothing like The Lone Granger, or something like that. I'm sure you've heard that one.

Granger: I've heard it. I've seen signs in the stands ... The Lone Granger.

BDL: Do you think some of the success you've had this season can be attributed to the well-wishes you've gotten from the people of Indonesia?

Granger: Oh, definitely. That was a great trip. I didn't know it would be that big if an NBA player went over there ... I had a few bodyguards with me at all times, I was on billboards it was crazy.

BDL: You had your own newspaper edition.

Granger: (Smiles) I had my own newspaper [edition] for like three days. It was pretty big.

BDL: Switching gears, you were a civil engineering major in college [he plans to finish up his degree in the near future], is there anything you picked up from the experience, that has helped you in the League?

Granger: How to manage my money. You do a lot of math when you take engineering courses. I've always been good with math ... it's such a technical field, physics, and geology of it, and mathematics. 

BDL: I read that you actually hooked up the music system in your house.

Granger: I did a lot more than that.

BDL: Is there any other NBA player who could do that?

Granger: What I did, I don't think so. My dad was an electrician, he worked good with circuits, circuit boards and stuff like that ... so I picked up on all that. I ran the wires through my house, had the circuits going, had to fix the circuit breaker when it broke. I did what would have probably cost me $30,000 dollars to get done.

BDL: So you know you're in a minority when it comes to knowing about the technical side of stuff, compared to the rest of the guys in the NBA.

Granger: I definitely know that for a fact.

BDL: Coming full circle, if you had any superpowers, what would they be?

Granger: Fly.

BDL: You're in the NBA, some people might say you're close to flying already.

Granger: HAHAHA! I would [still] have to say fly, or speed, one of the two, along with [being] indestructible, and x-ray vision.

BDL: Is there a name to this superhero you're trying to create here?

Granger: Yeah, GRANGERMAN. I'd be GRANGERMAN. I have dreams about [being a superhero]. I have dreams [where] I'll be flying sometimes, it's kind of weird.

BDL: OK, so let's wrap this up. What's GRANGERMAN driving into his cave when his work that night is done?

Granger: Black Lamborghini, all black, kind of like the BatMobile.

BDL: The GrangerMobile.

Granger: The GrangerMobile.

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