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Breaking news — The LeBron James(notes) watch is over. He's made his decision and he's going to be a Chicago Bull, at least according to the NBA's official online store which everyone knows is the world's most definitive source for breaking news.

As a Bulls fan, let me say that I really like the looks of this. As a fan of the Cavaliers, Knicks, Heat, Clippers and Nets would say, "this is fake." Well it isn't, my friends. It's a real screenshot from the customizable jersey page for the Bulls. I guess you could read this as the Bulls reacquiring Jerome James(notes) and giving him a new number, but let's be serious here.

Surely this will get changed in no time, so make sure you get your order in quickly to have a possibly irrelevant tank top because, as mentioned earlier, LeBron isn't making a decision until Monday. Or if you really want to customize a Bulls jersey for a guy who might not end up in Chicago, go crazy.

Nonetheless, to whichever NBA staffer who chose "James 6" as the example of a jersey you could make, nice work. This won't get anyone's hopes up at all.

UPDATE: Yep, it's gone. And just to clarify — yes, it was a customizable jersey, but the default for this version was "James 6" rather than "Player 00" which is present on all the other customizable jersys. That's the mistake and that's the funny part, so have some laughs, OK?

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Ball Don't Lie

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