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You know, sometimes pictures happen and there's really no good reason for them. For instance, Tim Duncan(notes) and a beluga whale embracing in a blindingly blue pool of water.

Ostensibly, this photo comes from a season-ticket holder experience like none other — a chance to swim with not just beluga whales, but also Tim Duncan. Super-cool experience, I'd say.

But don't be fooled. I'd guess these pictures are something a bit more dubious. In fact, I woudn't be surprised if this is all an attempt by the Spurs organization to prove that Duncan isn't a robot. After all, if he were made of electronics, he would malfunction while he's in water, wouldn't he? I'm on to you, R.C. Buford.

More Swim with Tim pictures after the jump.

I like how even when a gigantic sea creature is doing a stunt five feet in front of his face, Tim Duncan still shows no emotion. Look at the other four with their arms raised, celebrating this glorious feat. Then Tim is just sitting there like, "nice one, whale." Even from behind you can tell he's got a totally straight face.

Apparently the only thing on Earth that makes Tim Duncan smile is being the only one around with a customized wetsuit. Can't blame him, since I'd be rubbing it in people's faces too.

Remember when I said I'd be in New York for the World Basketball Festival? I lied. I went swimming with Tim Duncan instead. That's me in the middle. Swimming with Tim Duncan is so much fun!

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Ball Don't Lie

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