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Charles Barkley has become the most famous NBA commenter in history for one simple reason — he says what's on his mind without checking with his mind if he should really be saying it. Yeah, it gets him in trouble sometimes, but more often than not, what comes out is hilarious, insightful or some combination of both.

Furthermore, because of his friendship with the greatest to ever do it — Michael Jordan, no doy — Barkley's commentary on MJ is especially incisive. So when the Chuckster got to talking to Dan LeBatard about Jordan's latest Hanes commercial, you knew something good was going to happen. From a transcription by Sports Radio Interviews:

"I have got to admit when I saw that commercial I had to take a double take... That is one of the stupidest things that I have seen in a long time. First of all, I can't believe that they let that commercial get on the air like that. I mean in making commercials, they have got little ladies there making sure the cheese is right. When I am shooting the Taco Bell commercial they have got this little woman making sure that every cinnamon twist and every piece of cheese is in order and now they let my man get on TV with that terrible mustache. I was totally in shock and just, I just can't believe that. That is really not good at all."

As usual, Chuck is right and hilarious. That really is a terrible mustache. And when you consider that Jordan's made a few appearances on the cover of America's premier men's style magazine, this mistake is even more galling.

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Oh, and Chuck was just getting started. When LeBatard asked Barkley what would happen if he showed up to a Taco Bell shoot with a 'stache like that, Charles elaborated on his feelings.

"Well, first of all I would never shave my mustache like that. I mean I have got to admit that I don't know what the hell he was thinking and I don't know what Hanes was thinking. I mean it is just stupid, it is just bad, plain and simple."

Right on, Charles. Down with the silly 'stache. Keep speaking truth to power and we can help change the facial-hair world.

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Ball Don't Lie

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