Miss Sprint Cup nude photo scandal: A fan’s reaction

One of the three Miss Sprint Cup women has been fired. After a third party posted nude pictures of Miss Sprint Cup Paige Duke, NASCAR invoked the morality clause in Duke's contract to fire her. Paige Duke claims that the photographs were taken for her then boyfriend while she was a freshman in college. She was in her second season with the program. The Miss Sprint Cup program involves the three women representing Sprint in victory lane after each Sprint Cup race.

This is just the latest nude picture or video scandal to hit the news stands. In this case, it hit where you would not expect. Instead of it being a beauty pageant scandal or a young actress scandal, it is a NASCAR scandal. Unlike the infamous Erin Andrews' nude photo scandal, Duke was aware of the photographs being taken. This scandal also follows in the footsteps of another NASCAR scandal—the questionable Twitter postings of a crew member who was later fired for them.

This firing was justified, but still harsh. Duke is the face of the brand at these events and that face has to have a good image behind it. In this case, the nude photos that were released impacted the reputation and would reflect on the brand. The firing is harsh only because it is a hard lesson to learn.

People, women especially, need to be careful about what they do when they are young. It isn't fair that there is a double standard, but there often is. She could not have known back then that she would be fired for these photographs years later. She also likely wasn't thinking that at some point that boyfriend would be an ex-boyfriend that might hold on to those photos or give them to someone else.

Hopefully, other young women will take this news, as well as other related news, and learn that you can't trust video or photographs to stay where you put them. This is especially true with digital images and videos.

Kristin Watt has been a NASCAR Winston Cup, now Sprint Cup, fan for as long as she can remember starting way back when she was a little girl and her mother would sit on the couch with her every Sunday during the season to watch the races. Back then, they were fans of Bill Elliot and newcomer Davey Allison.

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Updated Friday, Jul 8, 2011