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You mess with the Red Bull, you get the horns. Even if you're Tony Stewart.

Sunday's road-course battle at Infineon kicked off battles that will keep the rest of the season hopping, from Robby Gordon vs. Joey Logano to Kasey Kahne vs. Juan Pablo Montoya. But none had as spectactular an on-track resolution as Brian Vickers vs. Tony Stewart.

Early in the race, feeling that Vickers was blocking him, Stewart punted the Red Bull No. 83. And with the laps dwindling, Vickers enacted his revenge, slowing to let Stewart pass and then knocking him tail-over-teakettle to leave Stewart in the humiliating back-end-up position on the tire barrier surrounding the track.

After the race, Stewart was understanding but unrepentant, noting that he'd even turn teammate Ryan Newman if Newman blocked him. Vickers, too, seemed to understand that this is how the game is played. Or at least that's the persona they showed to the cameras. There's plenty playing out in the garage that we're not privy to, of course.

Still, Vickers got his payback, and he did something that very few people are able to do: make Tony Stewart look foolish. For one race, anyway. And that's why this, friends, is your Wreck of the Week.

Honorable mention: Gunter Schaldach leaves the yard at Saturday's Grand Am race.

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