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File this one under Things You Probably Ought To Know Without Anyone Telling You: a 30-year-old Oklahoma man has gotten busted for driving an alleged 195 mph on local highways. And how'd he get caught? Because he posted video of himself doing it on YouTube. Genius!

First, let's check the video posted by one Cody Replogle, and then we'll tell you why he did it:

Replogle posted the video in connection with his ebay Motors listing of his Corvette. (Hey, give the guy credit for going multimedia with his marketing.) As he noted in linking one of the videos, "This one is getting onto the turnpike and climing [sic] over 195+ mph. I was in 5th gear and still had some gear left. It still has 6th gear also. It was a constant acceleration all the way as you can see. This car will easily go well over 200 mph if you are crazy enough and have the stomach for it." The car was listed with a buy-it-now price of $26,000, but no bids topped $15,000 before the auction ended. 

Strangely enough, Oklahoma City police weren't thrilled to see their streets and highways used as backdrop for some lunatic driving. They tracked down Replogle and got him to confess rather quickly. He was charged with two counts of reckless driving.

So, yeah, what ol' Cody did? Don't do that. And certainly don't post it online once you do.

[The Oklahoman via Jalopnik]

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