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So you think NASCAR pit crews are fast? You think changing four tires and gassing up a car in 13 seconds is a big deal? Pshaw, I say. No, I see your pit crew, and I raise you these soldiers, who can strip a Jeep down to its lug nuts, and then — here's the tricky part — rebuild it from the ground up in just four minutes:

Sweet, huh? Obviously, a Jeep isn't your high-tech computer-controlled luxury vehicle, and this particular specimen has been fairly streamlined already, but even so, that's some serious engineering and some fine choreography. All of which goes to prove exactly what I've always said: NASCAR pit crews are overpaid prima donnas.*

Some backstory: These gentlemen are Canadian Army, part of the 3 Area Support Group Technical Services Division, and apparently had a lot of time on their hands while at Canadian Forces Base Gagetown in New Brunswick. This performance was part of an army services parade in Halifax. Impressive.

*-I've never said that. Kidding, pit crews. Don't come at me with the catch can, please.

(Hat tip: Carol Fitzgerald.)

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