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Most of us know, if you search hard enough on the Internet, you can view just about anything you want in the world of sports. That includes fighting pay-per-views. But it does take some work and patience. Unless you just go to your local paper and its website provides an easy path. That's what happened this weekend at the San Francisco Chronicle's website. A link to a free stream of UFC 121 was featured in on top-10 most-read list.

UPDATE: There was a good explanation behind the link appearing on major websites across the country and the Chronicle. PRWeb was hacked. As we thought, there was no agenda on the part of the paper.

According to, the link pointed to this release from something called PRWeb:

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 23, 2010

Watch UFC 121 live Stream including Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez, Kampmann vs Shields, Hamill vs Ortiz, Sanchez vs Thiago, Gonzaga vs Schaub.

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The conspiracy theorists were howling that this may have had something to do with  the little tiff between the newspaper and UFC president Dana White before UFC 117. Via Twitter, White shredded the bosses at the paper for allegedly telling the UFC PR department that it wasn't covering the event and doing so in rude fashion.

The philosophical battle between the newspaper and the fight promotion became good message-board fodder over at Most of the commenters supported the Chronicle's stance on MMA. And after Cain Velasquez downed Brock Lesnar, you even had a few commenters suggest that the fight was fixed.

The story now is this link that spent a good time on the Chronicle's website. I'm 99 percent certain that it was simply an error. That said, the UFC, which is very bullish on making sure its product is paid for, has to look into how this happened.  

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