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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Mario Miranda and Gerald Harris walked a dangerous edge for four and half minutes, in the end Miranda was the one who fell off the cliff first. Harris, a wrestler, and Miranda, a jiu-jitsu ace, stood for most of the fight. Harris landed a big right, that was there all night, and finished Miranda with a flurry of punches at 4:49 of the first round in the second fight at Ultimate Fight Night 21 at Bojangles Coliseum.

"I knew he was hurt so I said 'I gotta finish this dude.' I think I was losing the round for sure," Harris told "So I just came with everything I had. I wasn't pretty but I got the job done." 

It was obvious throughout the first round that both fighters were in jeopardy of taking a fight changing blow at any moment. Harris, with a low southpaw stance, was in danger of taking a vicious head kick while Miranda, holding his left hand too low, risked taking the counter right to the grill. Harris was dropped with 1:30 left in the first round. He survived some nasty shots as he defended on his knees.

"I got hurt pretty bad in the fight, but I get hurt in practice so I just kept my composure" Harris told 

Once it got back to the feet, Harris finally landed that counter right. Miranda went down and as he scrambled he got drilled by another right that put him on his rear end and then one more right put him on his back. The referee jumped in quickly to save Miranda, who seemed to have his wits about him and didn't want the fight stopped.

Harris has won his first two fights with the promotion. It was a long time coming. Harris was a cast member on Season 7 of "The Ultimate Fighter" and lost in the first round to the eventual champ Amir Sadollah. Harris was dominating that fight with his wrestling but got caught by a Sadollah knee. After that, he hit the minor leagues, went 7-0 and then went for broke by calling UFC president Dana White during a radio show appearance. His goal? To beg his way back into the promotion. White told Harris to call him at the office and the deal was done within a few weeks. 

Brenneman controls pace and rolls to first UFC win

In what was a classic wrestler vs. striker matchup, Charlie Brenneman, the grappler, dictated pace and rolled to a unanimous decision victory, 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28, over Jason High.

Both fighters were making their UFC debut. High actually came in with the better resume having fought for DREAM and Affliction, but his takedown defense simply wasn't up to snuff. Brenneman took High (9-3, 0-1 UFC) down multiple times in every round. One judge found a way to give a round to High. It may have been the second when Brenneman was stuck in a guillotine. Even that was a shaky read by the judge. Brenneman (11-1, 1-0 UFC) sort of negated any points scored by High with the way he escaped the hold and reversed the position.

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