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Dana White understands the desires of both Jon Fitch and Vitor Belfort to get back in the Octagon for a shot at UFC titles, but he's also got a promotion to run. Joining ESPNRadio1100/98.9 FM's "The MMA Insiders" show on Friday, White said it's a tough to sell Jon Fitch against Georges St-Pierre again. The same goes for Belfort against UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva.

Belfort doesn't believe that's the case. He wants the title shot and say Silva is afraid of him.

"If he didn't throw that kick, this would've happened to him. He knows that," Belfort said during the UFC 133 postfight press conference. "I would like to fight the winner of [Yushin] Okami and Anderson [at UFC 134]."

White was shocked by Belfort's words.

"Craziest statement ever made. 'Listen, if he didn't knock me out I would've won that fight!' Yeah, okay. Maybe," laughed White (8:25 mark).

That said, White is an admirer of Belfort. He just wants to see more consistency out of the veteran.

"The problem with a guy like Vitor Belfort is he's one of the best in the world [but] Vitor is just inconsistent," White said. "[...] Vitor Belfort needs to get into a consistent game where every fight looks like the Akiyama fight. Even if he goes in against a guy and it's an absolute war, at least Vitor Belfort went in and let his hands go."

Belfort has a lot of work to get done before he gets in there again with Silva.

"Vitor Belfort went in against Anderson Silva and got hit with a front kick and got knocked out in the first 30 seconds of the fight. Who does he gotta to beat and how long's he gotta go before you want to see him fight Anderson Silva again? Maybe a couple of Akiyama type knockouts and maybe we are ready to see him face Anderson again," White said.

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