Houston Dynamo’s Colin Clark Apologizes: MLS Fan View

Houston Dynamo's Colin Clark has apologized for the homophobic slur he made at a recent MLS game. Clark used the inappropriate remark to address a ball boy on March 23. After Clark tweeted an apology to Gay4Soccer, the organization responded on March 28. MLS has taken the incident seriously by suspending Colin Clark for three games, issuing a fine and also requiring sensitivity training.

Colin Clark

Colin Clark's Comments

Colin Clark made his comment during the Houston Dynamo game against the Seattle Sounders FC. The midfielder's voice was heard on a microphone while the match was being taped by the NBC Sports Network. Clark yelled at a Sounders FC ball boy for giving him the soccer ball too slowly and added his insulting remark.

Major League Soccer did not wait to take action. The organization suspended Clark for three games and also issued a fine. In addition, he will be required to take sensitivity training through an education course. MLS has pointed out, "Major League Soccer will not tolerate this type of behavior from its players or staff at any time, under any circumstances." I think MLS is using Clark's harsh punishment to discourage others from using the same type of language.

Colin Clark Apologizes

Clark has turned to his official Twitter account to issue apologies after the game. He posted, "I'd like to offer a sincere apology to everyone who watched the game, especially the ball boy for whom I used awful language towards." The identity of the ball boy has not been revealed, and it is not known if he has accepted the apology.

Colin Clark also tweeted a comment to Gay4Soccer, "I'm very sorry for my actions tonight and I would love for you to consider me a #soccerally moving forward[.]" Gay4Soccer has responded by approving of MLS' actions in this case. They wrote, "MLS sent a strong and appropriate message today that homophobic language is unacceptable in our league." Clark has stated that he plans to learn from this experience and become more cognizant of his actions. He seems to truly regret making the comment during the game.

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Updated Friday, Mar 30, 2012