FC Dallas, Don’t Give Up: A Fan’s Take on FC Dallas V. Sporting KC

The score of FC Dallas' match against Sporting KC, 1-2, reveals a close game. FC Dallas' loss to Sporting KC did not earn FC Dallas any points, and they would have liked to get one out of the contest. However, the game showed great promise for FC Dallas in the 2012 MLS Season.

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FC Dallas' Sad Statistics

The statistics of the FC Dallas vs. Sporting KC match are not promising. FC Dallas had less than half the shots Sporting KC got off, and only one on target. The discrepancy in each teams' crosses, 11 for Dallas and 22 for Kansas City, also reflects the lopsided game. Sporting KC had possession for 60 percent of the game, and controlled the match with their offense.

FC Dallas' Silver Lining

FC Dallas had a couple noteworthy statistics. They were the first team to score against Sporting KC in the 2012 MLS Season, and keeper Kevin Hartman was the first keeper to block Sporting KC's penalty shot in their most recent 14 attempts.

These little tidbits are nice, but the real silver lining in the statistics is found in the fouls. FC Dallas had four fewer fouls than Sporting KC and two fewer yellow cards. Perhaps, FC Dallas had fewer fouls because they are a cleaner club than Sporting KC; however, I think there is another reason for this discrepancy.

Even though FC Dallas had the ball much less than Sporting KC, they drew several more calls. Often, quicker players draw fouls, as they beat their opponents and are a step ahead of them. FC Dallas' was able to draw fouls, because they were quick on their feet. Their success rate of 57 percent in duals also shows this. In their match against Sporting KC, FC Dallas, as a team, was quicker. Unfortunately, this was not enough to compensate for their poor attack.

FC Dallas' Sidelines

Fans must not forget FC Dallas was playing without David Ferreira, Fabian Castillo and Scott Sealey. When these players return from their injuries, they will provide the offensive spark FC Dallas needs. Their creativity, along with the team's overall quickness could be the recipe for a 2012 MLS Champion.

Against Sporting KC, FC Dallas showed they are a quick club. They can play with the big boys in the MLS. The upcoming matches against D.C. United on March 30, 2012 and New England on April 5, 2012 should not be a problem. Even an injured FC Dallas team can compete with these clubs. When David Ferreira, Fabian Castillo and Scott Sealey return, FC Dallas will be ready for anyone.


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Scott Brodie lives in Dallas. He enjoys playing soccer and watching FC Dallas compete in MLS.

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Updated Monday, Mar 26, 2012