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A rep of the New York Mets has apparently stopped in to watch Carlos Delgado(notes) in Puerto Rico a couple of times this winter and is planning another visit to see how he's doing, according to FanHouse. Delgado is supposedly "not moving well." But that doesn't mean the Mets aren't interested in Delgado's bat.

The Toronto Blue Jays, where Delgado started his big-league career, may prove to be more interested, though, especially since Delgado could just DH there, though you can imagine that the man in that spot right now, Adam Lind(notes), might have something to say about that.

Still, the Mets and Blue Jays are apparently interested in signing Delgado. New York just needs to know he'll be able to move around enough to catch the ball at first base. And then the team can hope Delgado will have better power numbers than Daniel Murphy(notes), who manned the first sack last year in Queens. Murphy had 12 dingers last season and brought in 63 runs in his 155 games. Delgado had four homers and 23 RBI in the 26 games he played last year.

You can bet whatever contract Delgado signs, it'll be heavy with incentives.

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Source: FanHouse

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