Top 5 Greatest MLB Uniforms in History: Fan’s Opinion

MLB uniforms

For well over 100 years, millions of Americans have loved baseball. Over that time, most MLB fans still remember some of the greatest uniforms donned by their favorite teams. As a Chicago Cubs fan, I love my team's red-white-and-blue pinstripes. But some MLB teams have had uniforms that have reached legendary status. In some cases, the uniforms are more memorable than the teams. Take a closer look at the top five MLB uniforms of all-time.

5. Oakland A's: 1970s

MLB fans can debate all day whether the colorful uniforms of the 1970s were good or bad. I loved them. Charlie Finley was a colorful MLB owner and he made baseball fun in the Bay area. While the A's were busy winning World Series in the early 1970s, they also received a lot of attention for their bright, colorful uniforms. At that time, the A's had a number of different color combinations, but they primarily featured green, yellow and white.

4. Chicago White Sox: 1919

In the 1980s, I became fascinated with the Black Sox scandal with the release of popular movies such as "Eight Men Out" and "Field of Dreams." Naturally, the Chicago White Sox uniform of that year was featured prominently. It also helped usher in a retro era of MLB uniforms that effectively ended the colorful styles of the 1970s. The white shirts and black pinstripes along with the old-style "S" present the greatest of all classic MLB uniforms.

3. Pittsburgh Pirates: late 1970s

The Pittsburgh Pirates were one of the most popular MLB teams of the late 1970s. In 1979, they defeated the Baltimore Orioles 4-3 in the World Series. Their theme song "We Are Family" also helped them gain popularity. As with the Oakland A's, the Pirates utilized a number of different combinations for their uniforms. From pinstripes to solid yellow and black, Pirates fans never knew what Pittsburgh would be wearing from day to day.

2. Chicago White Sox: 1976

As a Cubs fan, even I have to admit that the White Sox uniforms have been awesome. In the 1970s, owner Bill Veeck brought lots of wacky innovations to MLB. From exploding scoreboards to Disco Demolition, the White Sox were the zaniest of all MLB teams. But in 1976, the White Sox went completely out-of-the-box. For one day, the White Sox actually wore short pants! I know that is not a top five MLB uniform. But it certainly is memorable.

1. Houston Astros: late 1970s

Love 'em or hate 'em, every MLB fan older than 35 remembers the Houston Astros look of the 1970s. In this case, the futuristic theme of the Astros uniforms truly worked. Playing in the Astrodome, the Astros uniforms went well with the new space age and home of NASA. The bold, colorful horizontal stripes were a stark contrast to the thin, classic vertical pinstripes of older MLB teams. The Astros uniforms are the greatest in MLB history.

Endnote on MLB uniforms

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Updated Saturday, Sep 3, 2011