Youth baseball: Practice drills and tips

It is mentioned quite often in sports that the best way to perfect a particular technique is by drilling it over and over again. Baseball is no different and there a numerous drills youth baseball players can incorporate into their training routines, in order to sharpen their skills.

Here are some of the top five drills youth baseball players can use to improve their playing skills:

A youth baseball game
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Soft toss drill

This is a simple drill that can help youth baseball players improve their batting skills. The drill only requires two people and most youth baseball players show batting improvements after incorporating this drill into their training routine.

To perform the drill, simply stand by the batting side of the batter and throw the ball towards the batter's hip.

In, Out, Up the Middle Drill

This is a good drill that helps developing youth baseball players improve their pitch recognition and ball placement skills.

For the drill, each youth baseball player must call out the location of the pitch and react accordingly. Inside pitches should be pulled and outside pitches should be sent to the opposite side of the ball park. With this drill, you'll be able to recognize player weak points and make the appropriate adjustments.

Dugout Base Running Drill

This drill helps youth baseball players improve their running skills, while developing safe running habits as well. To start the drill, position your youth baseball player on home plate as if batting during a game. To start the drill, the player sprints to first base, where you signal them either to continue to second or stop them at first.

The point of the drill is to teach youth baseball players the importance of running full speed to first base every time.

Drop Set Drill

This drill is good for youth baseball players trying to improve their catching and fielding skills. To begin the drill, the player faces you standing in proper fielding posture. The ball is thrown over the player's head and it is then up to the player to catch the ball while maintaining proper technique.

This is a solid drill for youth baseball players as it teaches then some often overlooked aspects of baseball.

Infield Toss Drill

This is another good catching drill that helps youth baseball players to focus on their ground ball skills. It helps you analyze your players' skills and ensures they are learning good habits like getting low for every ground ball.

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Updated Friday, Mar 11, 2011