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In wake of Wednesday's two-inning, four-walk, five-run "effort" that dropped his record to 2-11, now seems as good a time as any for the third installment of the many "Wow, I just got rocked!" faces of San Francisco's Barry Zito. Considering that all these photos look so similar — readjusted hats, wiped brows, worn towels in the dugout — I'm starting to think the AP photographer out at AT&T is a bit of a sadist and enjoys repeatedly taking them.

Faithful Giants fans, meanwhile, are trying to their best to show they're not masochists.

From Kevin Gibbs at Giants Cove:

"This is a plea to the Giants brass to stop running Zito out there every 5th day to reenact such famous battles as “the 19th century British army against some poor indigenous tribe armed only with sharpened mangoes”. (In the interest of clarity: Zito is the unfortunate native armed only with delicious fruit staring down the barrel of the industrial revolution)

"Astute leaders recognize when they make mistakes. Zito’s contract is a sunk cost at this point and he clearly is no longer a major league pitcher. Management really cannot claim with a straight face that they want to win as long as they foist Zito upon us every week."

Follow the jump for our first two looks at what $126 million buys these days:

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