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Two weeks ago, the San Francisco Giants announced they would become the first professional sports team to film a public service announcement for the anti-homophobia "It Gets Better" campaign. The popular movement is designed to "provide hope for lesbian, gay, bi, trans and other bullied teens by letting them know 'It Gets Better.'"

The Giants' ad was officially released on Wednesday. Here it is:

Barry Zito(notes), Sergio Romo(notes), Matt Cain(notes), Hensley Meulens and Andres Torres(notes) are the five team members who, as Zito puts it, "speak for the entire Giants organization when we say that there is no place in society for hatred and bullying against anyone."

As we said before, the Giants' decision to participate in making such a powerful statement is an admirable one and it's cool that the entire thing was sparked by the inspiration of one fan, Sean Chapin.

It looks like Chapin and the Giants may have started a message-spreading trend. A 12-year-old Boston Red Sox fan named Sam Maden recently saw the move the Giants were making and started his own petition on, asking his favorite team to make a PSA of its own. The petition, which was inspired by Sam's late uncle, now has over 6,000 e-signatures.

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