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It's been a rough year for Houston Astros fans.

Their team has lived down to preseason expectations with the worst record in the National League. Coming into this weekend's series with the Mets, the Astros had lost nine of their last 15 games. And Friday night's opener was set to bring more disappointment as they'd blown a 4-0 lead and trailed 6-4 in the ninth inning.

Someone in the stands at Minute Maid Park had all he could stands and couldn't stands no more. He was going to provide some entertainment, whether it was for himself or the reported 28,791 in attendance. With one out remaining in the game, the fan made a mad dash from the right-field stands onto the field.

Plenty of fans, of course, have run onto baseball fields before. Maybe there's some juking and dodging of police and security, but the ending is almost always the same. The interloper gets tackled (or Tasered) by the authorities and everyone moves on.

Well, not this time.

Not only did this guy outrun those in hot pursuit, but he used Tal's Hill — Minute Maid Park's infamous center-field incline — to elude capture. What, you thought that hill was just a hazard outfielders occasionally stumbled upon while tracking fly balls?

The fan wasn't done from there, either. From the center-field platform, he climbed up a berm onto the patch of grass high above the wall before scaling yet another wall to escape from view and presumably run into baseball lore.

Unfortunately, the ending to this potentially legendary dash wasn't as romantic as we might like to imagine. As ESPN New York's Adam Rubin reported on Twitter, the fan did make it out of the stadium but was apprehended soon thereafter.

Was he later identified as Peter Parker? Authorities are not saying at this time.

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