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Start the trade talk: Ozzie Guillen for Logan Morrison?It wasn't that long ago that a hot Ozzie Guillen-for-Mike Stanton trade rumor swept the baseball world. The idea was interesting, if improbable, and it quickly petered out once everyone admitted the Florida Marlins would never trade the best young power hitter in the game for the Chicago White Sox skipper.

But if that didn't work, well, then what about Logan Morrison(notes)?

Because everyone seems eager to see the first player-manager trade since Tampa Bay sent Randy Winn(notes) to Seattle for Lou Piniella, that's the latest speculation fodder.

This all just didn't come out of nowhere, either. On Thursday, Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reported that Guillen, who is signed through 2012, has about a "10 percent" chance of managing the White Sox next season.  A source also tells Rosenthal that the manager's strained relationship with GM Kenny Williams appears "unsalvageable."

Morrison, meanwhile, has filed a grievance against the Marlins for what he believes was a wrongful demotion to the minors last month. The second-year outfielder is seeking big-league pay for the 10 days he spent at Triple-A New Orleans and tells ESPN's Amy K. Nelson that he's standing up for what he believes is right.

As detailed in a lengthy profile by Nelson, the relationship between Morrison and the Marlins is in tatters, perhaps to the point where Guillen and the White Sox are at after an extremely disappointing season. So the two teams could swap their problems, right?

Eh, I'm not entirely sold on this one. The next time any smoke coming from Guillen's area means an actual fire will be the first and I don't believe that owner Jerry Reinsdorf will allow the one man who keeps his team nationally relevant to get away.

The Marlins under GM Larry Beinfest, meanwhile, aren't likely to let a good, young and cheap asset like Morrison get away either. Not when their new ballpark will draw enough fans itself in 2012 and Guillen can be had for nothing — either for 2013 or even sooner if Guillen decides he's had enough on the South Side and throws his mouth into overdrive.

What do you think? Should the White Sox and Marlins explore this swap?

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