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It's been a rough few days for fans of the Atlanta Braves. There was that unfortunate poor handwashing story, Slumpbot's visit to Tim Hudson's(notes) recent performance and the 4-2 loss on Wednesday afternoon that sealed a series defeat to the Washington Nationals.

What better time, then, to take an aerial look at the cornfield maze that's been constructed by Southern Belle Farm in honor of Bobby Cox's impending retirement. The labyrinth for the managing legend has "approximately five miles of twists and turns" and covers seven acres in McDonough, Ga. It will be available for exploration until mid-November, so no matter what happens to the Braves, Jason Heyward(notes) will still have a chance to do all of the following before harvest.

From the farm's press release:

In addition to navigating the cornfield maze paths, farm-goers can take a hay ride tour of the farm, pick wild-flowers or a pumpkin from the patch, watch the miniature pigs racing around Oinker Stadium, pet the barnyard animals, take a shot with the corn cannon, play in the 'Kiddie Korral' and ride the cow train.

Pig races in Oinker Stadium! No, it's not quite the managing Mount Rushmore that we previously discussed. But I think we'd all agree it's certainly a lot better — and much less offensive — than that cake in the Capitol.

See Jeffrey Loria? This is how it's done!

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